“Don’t be silly, you don’t need to block the chain.”

Today, people for various reasons will have all kinds of problems in the hope that the industry chain chain block, that block is a universal technology.

But, do you remember this picture?

Whether you need to store state, do not need; whether you need multiple participants, do not need to write; if all are known and trusted, need not…

So, you don’t need to block the chain.

Since the year 2017 began to contract intelligent security audits, I saw the application block chain of every hue. Application of a special type of “blockchain use”, which seems to be logical and useful, but actually contains a lot of problems. These problems, so many startups have fall into the pit, broken dreams, the death of the heart.

How to get investment?

Keep that block chain development is very fast, until the cake painting is big enough, the success of flicker to your investors, he is willing to let your investment.

I will provide some solutions to such problems and invalid cases, sincerely hope that whether you are a developer, or customers or investors can understand how to properly use the block chain. Block chain was not universal!

Note: the use of the scene and the issues described in this article are in the initial stage with the blockchain, I am not saying that these problems cannot be solved by the block chain. It is important that these systems founder proposed what solutions for solving specific problems.

One, 8 “does not need to block chain” Scene

1, supply chain management

If you order a batch of goods, the carrier can assure you can keep some transportation conditions, such as the whole goods refrigerated, how do you make sure that he did not lie to you? A solution is recommended by a temperature sensor installed on the truck, the sensor will monitor the refrigerator temperature and regularly to upload data to the block chain. In this way, you can ensure that the goods meet the conditions of the promise in transit?

This solution has obvious flaws, the problem is not the block chain, but in the use of temperature sensors. As a part of the real world, the temperature sensor is easy to be deceived “, for example, they may only malicious carrier cooling temperature sensor placed inside the truck and a small refrigerator, non refrigerated trucks in the region in order to save the cost of goods.

The image on the left shows expected scene: goods in large trucks in the whole cold.

The figure shows that the attack scenario: a trusted temperature sensor is placed in a storage area (such as refrigerators), and the goods are placed in non refrigerated area.

I will blame for this problem: the block chain is not the Internet of things (IoT) .

It is not allowed to modify the data block on the chain, but this does not guarantee that the data are correct, the only exception is the chain of transactions: when the block chain system does not need to interact with the real world, that is to say all the necessary information is already stored in the block on the chain, and the system is only allowed to verify the data (for example, to verify whether an account has sufficient funds to carry out transactions), in addition, with the real world interaction is inevitable.

From the real world to the blockchain submitted application information is known as the “Oracle (oracles)”, the problems in the process known as Oracle, before finding solutions to any Oracle problem, based on the supply chain management test block chain, like the example above, and try to design the aircraft without developing reliable engine under the condition of no significance.

2, the object of authenticity guarantee

Although this scene with a similar scene, but I think it will be listed separately, because it has different forms.

Suppose that we are producing a unique and Wine watches, cars or expensive goods, to Wine as an example, we hope that the customer absolutely sure they buy is our production Wine, so we will block the bottle and the Wine chain production on token links, and the wine bottle is placed on the two-dimensional code for customer inquiries. Every step of production (from the manufacturer to the carrier, to the store to customers) will be confirmed by a separate Bibi block chain transactions, customers can track their online Wine received the bottle.

However, this block chain system has a simple but fatal flaw : a dishonest seller may copy this bound token true wine bottle, in which filled with low quality wine, or deceitful stole your expensive wine, even when selling to those who do not understand the blockchain buyers, even forgery token this step can be saved. Why is it so easy to cheat in the blockchain this trust platform? Because of the block chain is not the Internet of things!

Wine bottle is in the real world, so it can be forged, rather than a digital signature that the authenticity of a check at a glance.

3, which statement is true

We to the authenticity of the college diploma as an example. In this case, we need to verify the authenticity of the statement (such as Xiao Ming graduated from University), and is no longer a physical object. In order to ensure that the diploma is true, the release date is accurate, we need to check the digital signature and time stamp.

The digital signature mechanism is very useful, but the digital signature is not equivalent to the block chain. In fact, before the block chain, digital signature already exists and is widely used. Please note that the digital signature is usually used as a major innovation of the blockchain, maybe you really need is a digital signature mechanism, and block chain not essential on your needs.

The time stamp mechanism is more close to the block chain. In fact, the blockchain itself is one of the most reliable time stamp method. When there is to record the timestamp request, you don’t need to repeat create the wheel: just a hash of the data can be uploaded to the bitcoin blockchain.

Back to the college diploma in real-world examples, several professors will hash digital signature after a college diploma is uploaded to the bitcoin block value chain is a good idea? Yes, but it is important not to the center to perform validation through the website or application, if she want to experience the center link, then block chain have what use? This will be a QianYiFaErDongQuanShen single point of failure (a single point of failure, a point of failure in the system, will allow the entire system to be operational components).

4, vote

Vote in the use of block chain, we need to be clear to solve their own problems.

A) / forged authentication voters vote

To solve this problem, we only need a digital signature, rather than block chain.

The main problem here is that the private key to obtain the private key from where and how to store it. No need to explain is that the formation of any system key in any place outside the end user equipment, from the design point of view is a flaw. But in addition, with open source and properly audit the key generation software, third party hardware (the easiest option is the intelligent mobile phone users) and know how to use the private key is also very important.

System developers can solve the first two problems, but the third problem is much more difficult. Bitcoin may help us to learn how to use the public key and private key. But in fact, the loss of your social media account password or password vote is one thing (find management mechanism through the center of the lost control of your encryption), the currency of the private key is another (no centralized management mechanism, can not find).

Again, if we need the public key for authentication in the voting process, then the process associated with the specified key voter will appear in the Oracle problem.

I heard you love to vote, let us to vote in the form of a vote, so that we can vote we want to vote form.

B) publicly visible counting

It can be said that the etheric Fang can perfectly achieve intelligent contracts publicly visible counting, because it is so that everyone can see any particular candidate received many votes. However, in this case, the degree of public voting may be too high, it will cause bad influence, because we can see other people will vote for who, and may be influenced by other people to vote. Although the system can be designed only to see their voters to vote, but there will be another more complex problem: as long as the voters vote can provide evidence on the technology, they are still under pressure.

Here, we once again encountered the Oracle problem, we need to carefully check whether there are additional false votes from voters.

5, the author proves that

Imagine a scene, if you want to use the blockchain artist A to record a picture of his. It is not difficult to imagine, he will take a picture, pictures will be uploaded to the hash chain block, and then the photos posted in the blog. Later, if the artist B claimed that the painting belongs to him, the artist A can prove his identity by the author easily display photos and blog in the hash value chain block.

At first glance this scheme seems to be the pink of perfection, but in this case there are two potential problems:

  • First of all, the artist B can claim that he did not know the blockchain, so it cannot be used to register their authorship. Therefore, only registered as a practice this method will work in the block chain.

  • Secondly, the artist B A can break into the artist studio, filming this photograph of the painting, and the artist A before the photos of the hash value in the block chain.

The reasons behind these problems are: the block chain is not the Internet of things!

However, in general, the use of the scene is right, at the same time, in addition to bitcoin blockchain, it does not need any other things.

Please note: I was just talking about the proof of identity, because I think that intellectual property view is meaningless.

6, land registration

Another recommendation is to use the scene blockchain token and land ownership together, but based on this usage scenario, there are at least two problems.

A) regulatory effect . Although the Wine / watch / cars and other goods can be through the peer-to-peer network (P2P) transactions, but the land ownership and transfer of ownership must be registered in the regulatory agencies, in real life, regulators may access your land and enforce their will.

For example, if regulators want to impose your land, block chain records what happens? There is a possibility that the block on the chain still appoint you as the owner of the land, and this is no longer true; but another possibility is that regulators can create their own records, thus rewriting your record, which means that the block chain will not work. This is a crucial point, because the chain block can be used to protect you from regulators and any individual officials fraud infringement.

B) the center of development and support . We want to look up at the starry sky, but also to the ground, block chain land registration vision is very good, but the task to do? Who to develop such a large system and the support system of the node? If regulators themselves or their partner to perform the work, so that the system will not go to the center. The establishment of development over to the center of the agreement in the center is equivalent to the center of the agreement.

In addition, whenever someone introduces you to the blockchain use scene, ask yourself: this scene is only need to use distributed database can?

If the answer is “yes”, then why block chain? In fact, the blockchain more slowly, more intensive resources. In addition, the database development and the integration of the experts are more easier to find, they work products easier to check, system support is also more simple.

In view of all these challenges, I think the distributed database is the land registration better, even if it needs to become more reliable and open.

In fact, it looks like the use of scene has landed. The Russian block chain company Bitfury recently announced the launch of the blockchain land registration system based on Exonum framework, and will provide services in Ukraine and Moldova. The strange thing is, I can’t find any technical details of the use of the scene, which means that for some reason, Bitfury is not eager to advertise it.

7, bank transfer

According to whether you really need a logic block chain, inter bank transfer is a good “blockchain use” scene. This scene involves many distrust party and no trusted three party participating in article . Although in this scene can use bitcoin, but the bank will not agree to exchange data between the publicly visible. Therefore, private chain has become the best choice in private chain participants only banks, their own input data, operation node, and verify all the other party to the transaction.

In the aspect of function, the system with different access control in distributed database? Yes, indeed, only when both sides are divided between time block value chain to be reflected. But the problem here is that when we have disagreements whether the bank will agree to block chain system established consensus, or to the real world in the court proceedings? If the bank can choose to the courts (for example, they never signed the unconditional acceptance of all of the block chain system decision, then the block protocol) the chain system is dispensable.

In addition, if regulators prohibited or restricted the use of such block chain system, or the court refused to use the blockchain indicator system data, then use this scene is meaningless.

8, investment trust

On the right! I was actually issued in writing for the first time in 2019 (ICO). In order to prove its continuing relevance, I should point out that in January 28th, download software BitTorrent made a successful ICO .

I said, “Token for token” s sake “refers to the number of start-up companies to issue token, and that token shall have the right to share their company’s equity and profit etc..

Different from venture capital investors and regulators, blockchain will not require start-up companies responsible for the investors. Only by the founder of the token form of commitment does not force companies to do anything, we in the ICO boom has seen this phenomenon. From this perspective, ICO is more like illegal fund-raising rather than the initial public offering (IPO).

Although I agree to go to the center of the mechanism and anti regulatory control, but I have to admit, it’s almost no block chain forming, which means you must choose the founder of existing tools or trust company.

Second, block chain can do what?

Next we will discuss some blockchain promising scenarios.

1, block chain as the trigger

The strange thing is, even if it is not yet operational scenarios can be very useful. For example, a company uses the process and system obsolete for a long time, with the advance of time, the crisis exposed step by step, management generally will choose conventional and general solutions to make snap reform, and some management “new”, concentrating on speculation (blockchain / data / artificial intelligence / Networking) to achieve the leading position.

This year the focus of the business where?

Block chain! Block chain will change the world, everyone is talking about the chain block,

Block chain application scene infinite, we cannot fall behind.

In addition to what block chain?

And artificial intelligence!

At that time, smart and responsible internal entrepreneurs may provide a system of artful design, the block chain marketing. Block chain may make the business even more powerful, also may only survive in those bright PPT, it depends on the specific circumstances.

If you have the opportunity to use the blockchain, please make sure it is really block chain, rather than cry up wine and sell vinegar.

2, money

Block chain is very suitable for processing business money related, block chain records and verify that similar to the “account for the amount of A with X”, “A will amount to account account X B”, “B account now has the amount of X statement.

Former BitTorrent chief strategy officer Simon Morris in the BitTorrent encryption currency curriculum series entitled “if you do not break the rules, you’re in the wrong” said, go to the center of the initial goal is to break the rules, of course, those who comply with the rules of the people will try to stop you.

Bitcoin fully comply with this statement, because it broke the government can only issue currency, the currency stipulated procedures, decide which transactions which the transaction is invalid the old rules.

More importantly, I think bitcoin plays a specific role in technology long before there in an easy to understand way to transfer value. At the same time, most of the block chain startups must start their interpretation is to solve what problem and how to solve these problems, this is the first of those looking for customers, business model and market test and try to keep the traditional synchronous startup, is to dare to think, the traditional start-up companies are to solve the existing problems instead, like the blockchain start-up companies to create new problems.

3, intelligent contract

No one really knows what is smart contracts and their usage scenarios, because the concept of smart contracts is still in the early stages of development. When go to the center of the bitcoin really play a role, people will know and accustomed to the use of encryption currency; when the contract we run in the Ethernet Intelligent workshop to the center of the time, we still need to deal with the hard copy of the contract (hard-copy) and the center of intelligent intelligence, the contract does not exist. We can also try to skip the two steps, but to do this, we need time and feasible development route.

Personally, I believe that smart contracts will find a suitable developing direction, which is why I work in this field.

The blockchain future also need time to test, at least now you don’t need to block the chain!

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