Don’t worry about resume fraud, University College London can be verified through bitcoin

Don’t worry about resume fraud, University College London can be verified through bitcoin

If you see a doctor to the doctor with fake diplomas or apply for entry, the job is another forged resume job seekers out, you will not feel the collapse of these difficult to identify the truth? Unfortunately, the current situation in the world are very common, because the required document verification is too cumbersome or too expensive. However, bitcoin may provide the answer for this kind of problem, can prevent this situation in the future.

University College London (UCL) recently announced that the blockchain technology center has completed a pilot program, the school financial risk management course graduates can use real bitcoin instant to verify the qualifications.

All graduates in 2016 and 2017 of this course can register detailed information from the new development platform, the platform is London start-ups Gradbase development. The authenticity of the data released by the system after the school examination, a bitcoin transaction, by verifying the authenticity of these degrees.

Participate in the graduates to obtain a QR code, the QR code can be placed on their resume file, name card or professional files, anyone can verify the authenticity of the document scanning. The company’s co-founder C dricColle commented:

“Academic fraud is a global problem that requires a global solution. Gradbase’s goal is to become the first simple and reliable global qualification verification platform.”

Block chain technology center of University College London

University College London was founded in 1826, is located in the city of London, is the third British universities. There are about 38000 students from 150 different countries, and more than 11000 employees.

The block chain technology center (CBT) is related to bitcoin and innovative academic center for interdisciplinary research, but also developers and regulators together think-tank. It is industry members to provide consulting services, knowledge transfer activities and internal solutions.

University College London blockchain technology center executive director PaoloTasca said:

“We are very pleased to be the first pilot in the UK and Gradbase cooperation. University College London blockchain technology center has played a leading role for the application of block chain technology in the field of education, we believe that the future of this technology will become the mainstream.”

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