DoraHacks founder Zhang Jiannan: the technical community will become the industry’s long-term value chain block based | P.O.D new potential Summit

In November 28th, the daily planet by Odaily combined with 36kr’s 2018 P.O.D New BlockTrend potential new blockchain summit scheduled in Beijing.

At the meeting, DoraHacks founder Zhang Jiannan to Geek community – driven “block chain development as the theme of the speech. He shared the geek (hacker) of the definition, the characteristics of hacker industry chain blocks, and DoraHacks in the global motion in the role of geeks.

Zhang Jiannan believes that hacker is the driving force of the industry chain block, and hope that the DoraHacks can connect more hacker, creating more good products, to solve more problems inside the industry.

The following is the Zhang Jiannan speech:

 DoraHacks founder Zhang Jiannan: the technical community will become the industry's long-term value chain block based | P.O.D new potential Summit Hello, very glad to be invited to Odaily and 36 at the daily planet Krypton, can together to explore technology and so many emerging industry colleagues in the future. I think at this point in time to block chain industry is especially valuable, although the trough, but we can see the infrastructure gradually improved application in landing. I sponsor Zhang Jiannan DoraHacks, I share the impact of global motion and global community of geeks geeks block chain industry today, and the future direction of the global geek movement.

The first block chain is actually born in the global geek movement, geek is hacker.

Why block chain was born in Geek movement, who is hacker, who is the geek? At first, we talked about hacker, are some of the basic computer black people. For example, my computer is a hacker to hack. But in the past ten years the word hacker meaning has changed. Who is Hacker? Eric Raymond in a book on hacker are defined, if you meet these five conditions, then you are a hacker 80%:

  1. Hacker people think the world is full of fascinating and unsolved problems;

  2. No problem should be repeated two times to solve;

  3. Is evil do boring and useless things;

  4. Freedom is good;

  5. Attitude can never replace competitiveness.

In a word, in the end what is hacker? Hacker is a new technology to create and solve the problem of people.

Who is in the hacker block chain inside the industry? We see the blockchain earliest participants and designers are geeks, Nakamoto actually “hack” the center of the financial and monetary system, proof of work mechanism he invented bitcoin blockchain network and bitcoin, let go to the center of the digital currency and digital assets become possible. Vitalik “hack” bitcoin, joined the account system and Ethernet square virtual machines in the bitcoin network (EVM). V God let intelligent contract can run up in a network to the center, opened a new era of the economic center to. Behind them we see many outstanding projects, they are all good open source project, application on them are also filled with the spirit of hacker.

Why drive block chain industry will be based on hacker? Why community will become block chain industry value based long-term? One of the main reasons is that the block chain is the open source project, most of the block chain project is in fact to create an agreement to create an economic, not just a simple business model. So the block chain project is public property, open source makes the block chain project can get world recognition and support of the players, this is very important. They through the open source foundation in the form of cooperation. Geek community organization form of open source, breaking the traditional business organization, there are several advantages compared to the traditional organization:

  1. Open to the community, to break the geographical constraints, so that all the projects can attract outstanding talents and geeks in the world;

  2. The organization mode of opening, can expand the technology of faith, and reduce the cost of research and development;

  3. Token added the incentive incentive mechanism of traditional open source community.

DoraHacks’s mission is to connect the world of hacker, to solve the important and urgent problem. From the end of 2014, we set up until the end of 2018, at the age of four, we have become the world’s most active hacker and Hackathon organizer. We are more than 15 city nearly 8 countries worldwide, organized more than 100 Hackathon, generated more than 3000 hacker project, connecting more than 300 thousand hacker.

In fact, DoraHacks for the first time is a small organization, we think there are a lot of Chinese developers, but not Hacker, so that the establishment of a Hacker organization in China, established the Hacker culture is a very meaningful thing.

At the beginning of the establishment of a “Hacker fund” we use $1000, for the activities of the organization at the time of the Tsinghua University owls laboratory and Tsinghua X-lab gave us support, let us use their site. We use so little money, made nearly 100 field activities, have a little influence in the Beijing area colleges and technical community, everyone is our love, the concept of hacker has been gradually spread. In 2017, we became the largest China hacker organization, our community organizer, and Hackathon covers Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Wuhan city.

By 2017, we become the nation’s largest organization of hacker and Hackathon organizers, our hacker organizers and community, and hackthon covers a lot of China City, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xi’an these important technology driven city.

2018, we 40 near field activities, has become the world’s most active Hackathon organizer.

In 2018, DoraHacks buddies were flying all over the world, in Oxford, Berlin in Germany, the United States of San Francisco, Boston, Seoul, South Korea, Japan and Tokyo, Canada, Toronto, Beijing, Shanghai, Chinese Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xi’an, Hongkong and many other city can see DoraHacks hacker, as well as volunteers figure. To some extent, DoraHacks hacker became a way of life. The most direct can see different city, different countries hacker will fly to other countries to participate in the DoraHacks. Shanghai hacker flew to San Francisco, Boston to Seoul hacker hacker, Tunisia to Tokyo, India also has the quantitative trading for geeks.

All along, we are committed to creating the best Hackathon experience. What is the best Hackathon experience? First, we have the best site, food, fruit, drinks and unlimited beer. More importantly, we are connected through the hacker, create new products, solve the industry an important and urgent issue.

What to do in DoraHacks hacker?

In San Jose, one of our most young hacker, 9 year old India born Hacker Shia has created a record by the blockchain gun control information platform, and the possible risk of shooting prompt prediction algorithm. In San Francisco, participants Peter learning real-time identification of various bacteria in the water through the image and machine vision algorithm, to solve the problem of monitoring North America after the outbreak of Escherichia coli in water. In Berlin, the champion team to solve the difficult race Cosmos questions, write network analysis tools for the Tendermint P2P layer, they through the node network crawl Tendermint and synthesized map, measured in different cross trade route in the propagation delay. In Beijing, we are a pharmaceutical industry partners gave us a long time they did not solve the problem, the chemical structure of many type of Pharmacopoeia, the picture quality and the structure itself is not easy to identify problems, there has been no good automation solutions, many companies need to spend a lot of manpower for manual annotation. The hacker team established products, able to identify more than 50% of the Pharmacopoeia chemical formula, based on the existing tools, greatly improves the precision of recognition. In India Bangalore, a team to help local farmers and communities of small and micro finance loans through credit tools, block chain, and reduce the cost of loans by point form.

 DoraHacks founder Zhang Jiannan: the technical community will become the industry's long-term value chain block based | P.O.D new potential Summit Such examples in DoraHacks hacker found a lot beyond count, the team at DoraHacks, established companies, there are a lot of hacker in the DoraHacks above to find the true love. I am not here described.

In the block chain industry, connecting more than 1500 block chain hacker 7 countries, has more than 100 items, to solve many problems of industry. DoraHacks in every country, will set off a wave of local chain block. Because of DoraHacks, more hacker began to focus on the industry chain block, and participate in.

Our mission is to connect the world of hacker, hacker and the world’s most important and urgent problem between the bridge. In 2019, we will continue to complete this mission, we will become the world’s largest hacker and Hackathon organizer.

We will be in the United States, China, India organized three thousand hackathon. Why choose this place? Because the United States is a frontier science and technology base camp, India is the cradle of new technology, and China is a global business model innovation base.

We expected the actual number of participants in each of the more than 3000 people, more than 10000 people involved, we will invite more than 60 countries around the world is hacker, all hacker countries we will cover. We hope to generate more than 1000 projects through the line, online coverage of more than 1 million hacker, involved in cutting-edge technology important, including but not limited to the block chain, commercial space, artificial intelligence.

When it comes to commercial space flight, all is the human dream, out of the earth, in space is one of the ultimate dream of all hacker.

In the 12 month 7 day, DoraHacks day will be equipped with Instrument Research Institute of satellite, the cat brain hole into a low earth orbit space. On the satellite, we will be equipped with DoraHacks memory hacker, volunteers and partners photos, volunteers letter, and our hacker declaration, open the new digital world – planet hacker. We will carry out a number of data upload and download experiments for future space experiments more ready.

In after the rocket launch, we will officially open the DoraHacks Hackathon series of activities in the commercial space, commercial space, connect the geeks and the latest technology, the new scheme provides a new idea for the field of aerospace technology, new products. Our first Hackathon and Tianyi Research Institute jointly launched the “Hack satellite”, we will open the satellite platform, more experiments with the hacker, we will collect satellite application ideas to global hacker, and support the commercial value and social value, solve more problems on earth through satellite platform!

We hope that future geeks movement can provide more solutions for the problem of the size of human, we hope more and more people, especially young people can join the geek movement, and create our weapons, connects the World Hacker is the mission of DoraHacks, thank you!

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