Dubai financial regulators have issued ICO warnings

nnnThe Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) has also issued a statement urging potential consumers to be alert to ICO risks and become the most recent issue of such warnings. After the rumors of Russia, Canada and the United States, the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) Regulatory Authority. But unlike other countries, DFSA said that it would not currently be able to regulate these product types, “or to the Dubai International Financial Center (DFSA managed by the Dubai Special Economic Zone) to provide such products or services issued by the enterprise. So far, it is not clear whether DFSA will take further steps to regulate any relevant activities in the economic zone.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nDubai Financial Services Regulatory Agency recently issued a warning about the first digital tokens (ICO).n
nThe Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) today issued a statement urging potential consumers to take care of ICO risks and join the market regulators in countries such as Russia, Canada and the United States as the last regulator to issue such warnings.n
nA significant difference between this statement is that DFSA says it “does not currently regulate these product types” or offers such products to Dubai International Financial Center (Dubai Special Economic Zone managed by DFSA) or The service of the enterprise issued a license.n
nThe agency said:n
nn”DFSA would like to emphasize that these types of products and systems and technologies that support them are complex and have their own unique risks, but these risks may not be easily identifiable or understood; and this risk may be provided across the globe These products should be considered high – risk investments. “n
nnAnd so far, it is not clear whether the DFSA will take further measures to regulate any activities within the economic zone.n
nAccording to the present situation, the statement is concerned only with the risk of the investor and does not provide any advice as to whether the agency considers that the ICO tokens may be securities, and if the result is derived, the institution’s guidelines Will be consistent with other international regulatory bodies.n

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