E-Trade Financial Introduces CME Bitcoin Trading

nBankruptcy comment: New York online brokerage E-Trade Financial opened its CBEE bitcoin futures trading to customers on Tuesday night, and the company also launched CBOE’s bitcoin futures trading last month. In addition, TD Ameritrade Holdings, Ally Financial Inc.’s Ally investment have also opened the CBOE bitcoin futures contracts, Interactive Brokers Group has also opened up the two exchange bitcoin futures products transactions.n
nTranslation: Clovern
E-Trade Financial Opens CME Group’s Bitcoin Futures Deal.n
The online brokerage, which launched the CBOE bitcoin futures deal last month, shows that the company opened its CME group’s bitcoin futures trading to customers on Tuesday night. The day’s initial margin requirement for CME Bitcoin (“BTC”) has been set at 80%, the same as that required by CBOE Futures (“XBT”).n
For the first time, the New York-based online brokerage opened its CBOE global market for Bitcoin futures to its clients on December 20.n
US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on December 1 approved CBOE and CME listed bitcoin futures applications. The regulator said at the time that the two companies, after working with the agency to set a standard for issuance, made its first listing of self-certification.n
Ally Investments, both owned by TD Ameritrade Holdings and Ally Financial Inc., have opened CBOE’s Bitcoin futures contracts to investors. According to CNBC, the Interactive Brokers Group also opened its Bitcoin exchange for the two exchanges in December last year.n

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