Each time will have a “bubble”, bitcoin has dropped 80%!

At some time ago bitcoin mining machine breakdown, and 1 trillion market value evaporated after a crash, many want to hunters who always staring at bitcoin short-term. Today, bitcoin can be used to describe a day or three Today, many people start because the bottom line is $4000, after all, at the beginning of the month the price is tens of thousands of dollars. But the $4000 mark quickly below, countless people gasped.

Of course, these people have second mouths and third breath to suck, because bitcoin once again approaching $3800, and finally fell below $3700. Bitcoin price is now $3693, this is the lowest price in the whole year. Perhaps each time will have a “bubble”, now bitcoin has dropped 80%, this is probably the biggest bubble belongs to this era!

Many people still remember the beginning about bitcoin madness, and sought to block the chain of people. From the platform to the chiefs of state intervention, let many investors see some “audacious in the extreme”! The project is blown out, the tide receded, no swimming, we already dressed ashore. Yes, is the bubble will burst, but there are a lot of people “bankruptcy” exit!

The real “bankruptcy” a lot of people, but can not say very much, although the leek crop of another crop, but we had a lot of smart. But we cannot avoid the huge loss, some friends lost hundreds of thousands, has left a few pieces bitcoin play, this is good. There are friends have decided to no longer into the office, you don’t know what time will be harvested to hunters? It is just start the next wave of harvest.

From bitcoin to mill to block chain, all is not open around. But now is what is the cause of the source, such as the collapse and force is not a small contact. Tens of thousands of pieces of ore into iron, iron scale togetherto by catty price, and we who says? The miners do not make money, sell the machine down to earn a lot of money. This is reminiscent of the last century gold, gold is not easy to sell jeans can build up the family fortunes.

The other half of the etheric square is the lively one, the rise of exchange can also block chain analogy to gold. But now everyone is concerned about those coins out of order less, mixed currency bitcoin or big circle. Although bitcoin plummeted, but there are still many people who are optimistic. Because although people like a roller coaster but bitcoin is always on tenterhooks, start up million times.

Whenever a bitcoin slump, some people advocate bitcoin bubble will return to zero. But often when you bitcoin despairing it will rise, rose to you regret not hunters. People who are not afraid of death is still rushing, but most people had died in the hunters road. Indeed, said bitcoin not worth a hair is difficult to believe, but when it is stable, and there will be a wave of human blood.

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