Early started by bitcoin millionaire said: bitcoin is dead”

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Obviously, bitcoin prices overall is still in a state of decline, some people still expect bitcoin can appear again the bull market, and some people have despair. For example, early on investment bitcoin millionaire user Erik Finman believes that bitcoin era has ended.

According to cryptonewsreview reports, Erik Finman’s story in the monetary field was legendary color encryption. Finman had used his grandmother gave him a gift of $1000 to invest in bitcoin, and a return of $4 million at the end of 2017. So, Finman has become a millionaire in his teens, but bitcoin future development is holding a pessimistic attitude.

It is reported that Finman recently in an interview: “insist that bitcoin is dead”. Finman said, bitcoin may also have one or two bull market, but in the long term it’s dead. Not only is the bitcoin, Wright coins also think Finman died early, now is in the period before the end of the day “.

It is worth mentioning is that, Finman like ZCash and Ethereum encryption currency is still worthy of support, choose to focus on the project support encryption currency.

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