EBay CEO: virtual currency of online payments in the future is very important

EBay CEO: virtual currency of online payments in the future is very important

EBay CEO John Donaho

On June 6th, the electricity supplier giant eBay CEO John Donaho (John Donahoe) said Thursday that he believes that for the company’s Internet payment platform, coins and other virtual currency plays an important role”.
“We will have to put together with the digital wallet currency.” Donaho said in an interview with the CNBC.
Although Donaho refused to disclose him when purchased bitcoins, but he was widely talked about the advantages of this virtual currency, and explains why he wants to buy bitcoin reason. “I buy bitcoins not as an investment, but want to know how this money is used.” He said. “I think bitcoin has two sides, and is also related to investment and related digital currency. Personally, after a more interesting to me, this relates to how we can use technology to seamlessly exchange value problem.”

Buffett is wrong?

At the same time, bitcoin has become fans of the Anderson Horowitz Fund (Andreessen Horowitz) co-founder Mark Anderson (Marc Andreessen) also made a further explanation of the two sides of bitcoin.
“We are investing up to now continues. However, we are a Vc firm, so you can bet this extreme bets.” Anderson said in an interview with the CNBC. “Whether bitcoin can do it? The answer was No. But if can do it, then whether bitcoin will become very important and valuable? The answer is affirmative.”
Anderson added: “another element of bitcoin is that it is a kind of technology, is a completely independent currency.” Anderson added. “The value of this technology platform is incredible.”
Anderson still believes that the billionaire investor Warren, enjoys the reputation of Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett) is wrong for bitcoin criticism.

Bitcoin prices rise

The price rise

Recently, bitcoin prices have rebounded sharply. Compared with the lows hit this spring, bitcoin prices have risen by 80%, mainly due to reports that this virtual currency has been more widely recognized. For example, the United States Broadcasting Satellite service provider Dish Network issued a statement last week saying to accept bitcoin. In so far been recognized bitcoin companies, Dish Network company is the largest scale.
Coinbase payment services processing company will be responsible for Dish Network this virtual currency trading operations, the company will be the bitcoin instant convert dollars to eliminate Dish Network fears of price fluctuations.

Maximum bitcoin wallet service

Coinbase co-founder Fred Gelsam (Fred Ehrsam) also appeared CNBC chat show on Thursday, he predicted: “in the next three months, there will be a turnover of billions of dollars on retailers (bitcoin) ship.”
Currently, the department store Rod Taylor (Lord & Taylor) and Overstock brand discount online vendors have to accept bitcoin. Donaho believes that with the passage of time, there will be more and more businesses will recognize this virtual currency. “I think you will see bitcoins are used in many applications, such as P2P (point to point), cross-border transactions and remittances.” He said.
Apple Corp also announced the new App Store app store review guidelines this week, the provisions allowing software developers to join a virtual currency transactions included in its application. Previously, Coinbase application only landed on the Android platform, and from now on will also be open for iOS users. El Sam said: “(the apple App Store app store) the latest policy only allows sending and receiving bitcoin, and do not allow the sale of bitcoin. It makes people can more easily use bitcoin.”

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