EBay spin off PayPal or bitcoin business

EBay spin off PayPal or bitcoin business

After a strategic review of development strategy and the structure of the board of directors, the U.S. e-commerce giant eBay company will approve its payment platform PayPal in the second half of 2015 split out as an independent listed company.

EBay President John Donahoe said: “the industry structure is changing, every enterprise faces different competition opportunities and challenges. EBay and PayPal will be more focused, more competitive. The most independent companies, eBay and PayPal will enjoy more flexibility in the search for new markets and opportunities for cooperation.

Interesting speculation is that how eBay and PayPal will enjoy more flexibility, how to seek new markets and opportunities for cooperation?

May be related to bitcoin?

The two companies said bitcoin has more and more support, and last week PayPal and three bitcoin payment giants, showed a keen interest in the integration of digital currency PayPal.

In 2011 eBay patents mentioned in the digital currency, called “system and method for trading in the digital market management (System And Method For Managing Transactions In A Digital Marketplace)” which allows them to relates to the field of digital currency transactions, such as bitcoin transactions.

Although one of the main reasons why bitcoin may not be the two companies split, but it is clear that segmentation plays a positive role in accelerating the implementation of bitcoin payment. Small company decision is more flexible than big companies, the transformation of the pilot project can be more quickly.

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