Economic Information Daily: for bitcoin into common means of extortion network

Bianews news November 22nd, reported Economic Information Daily today issued a secret now common means of network extortion, of which 360 Enterprises Safety Research Institute president Pei Zhiyong told reporters: compared with the traditional sale of personal information to hackers extortion mode, economic gains even more impressive. According to market pricing, a personal information about 5 cents, while the network demanded in 1 to 100 thousand yuan. With the appearance of virtual currency, in order to facilitate money laundering, avoid tracking, almost all hackers are asking for bitcoin.

It is reported that the “mining” is realized more quickly. Now the attacker will directly mining Trojan intrusion site or cloud server platform or mobile phone and Internet intrusion devices, these devices help you control the use of Trojan horse mining virtual currency, after the money directly into his pocket. And, the encryption algorithm used by attackers are in line with the international standard cryptographic algorithm, has been widely recognized as unbreakable. The attacker even the backup server is locked, so that the victim can not lift the attack in technology.

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