Eight bitcoin trading history most cattle *

Now, to complete a bitcoin transaction does not seem to be a noteworthy event every day, compared with about 300 thousand people frequent trading in bitcoin and bitcoin cash on the network, and all bitcoin transactions in the eyes of the miners are equal (unless you enough additional fee).

However, in bitcoin “long” ten years of development history, there is still some “fabulous” transactions. So far, bitcoin block chain has 3.6 million transactions, of which there are 8 transactions to make the world feel out of the ordinary, although they only accounted for 0.0000022% of all bitcoin transactions below, let us wish to see the most cattle * history of 8 bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin transaction creation

Ranked first is certainly the bitcoin block chain on the first transaction, the deal allegedly occurred between two people, and one of them, which means that the sender of the deal is “nakamoto”. The bitcoin transactions occurred in January 12, 2009, when the “Nakamoto” to Hal Fanny in block 170 (Hal Finney) sent 50 bitcoin, at the time of the first transaction cost and bitcoin birth – 0.

The first bitcoin / legal currency trading

2009 years 10 months 12 days, Finland developer Martti Marmie (Martti Malmi 5.02) to the sale price of $5050 coins, and obtained by PayPal legal tender the buyer transfers, this is the first use of the legal currency bitcoin exchange in the world. Ten years ago, the only way to get bitcoins is mining, and Coinbase mining was given up to 50 reward bitcoin.

Bitcoin transactions.

From Jacksonville the United States Florida programmer Laszlo Hanjez (Laszlo Hanyecz) is not known by his code, but because bitcoin spent 10 thousand to buy a piece of pizza. Now, even if you are not a “currency circles”, may also have from all kinds of gossip media know this one. Of course, we only record the chain block to the legendary existing bitcoin transactions in the transaction occurred in the bitcoin block 57043, which records the Laszlo Hanjez sent in May 22, 2010 10000.99 BTC. By the way, BTC is the most high 0.99 blocks, and you need to pay the equivalent of the miners, each byte 4191 Cong.

“Toumen ditch” huge trading

Most bitcoin whale hopes to prove that they have a specific bitcoin address, usually from his address to send a small amount of the transaction, only a few Cong can prove that the authenticity of funds. However, the “Toumen ditch” (Mt.Gox) encryption currency exchange CEO Mark Karpeles (Mark Karpeles) although he was also very personal independence of conduct, prove their regulatory capital requirements, but in order to show their strength, he will be a lot of bitcoin wallet sent from one control to another wallet.

According to the leaked IRC log shows, Mark Karpeles sent 44.2 million bitcoins, block chain records also proved the occurrence of the deal. 6 2011 23, 44.2 million bitcoin confirmation in a transaction to be sent to the address, of which the sum of the transfer amount to 42.4 million bitcoin, which is also the largest bitcoin transfer amount, the monthly 9 2011 until another sum of up to 55 million bits money transfer transactions.

The high transaction costs of transaction

“Hey, I enter the transaction fee is too high… In any case,… I can stop the transaction confirmation?” – the story occurred in 2013, a Reddit user forum issued a document called the wrong transaction fees themselves. In May 16, 2013, the Reddit forum users said they sent a 98 bitcoin transaction, but additional 30 bitcoin costs, equivalent to every 6 million 800 thousand bytes of Cong.

Finally, the users get help. Confirm the bitcoin mining pool in the block returned 7.5 coins to him, what gave him a little comfort. By the way, this is not the highest, in August 2013 the cost of bitcoin transactions, there occurred a bitcoin transaction, then the cost reached 200 bitcoin. Of course, the final cost was also confirmed bitcoin mining pool “blocks.” the return of the. There is a higher cost of the bitcoin transactions, the transaction occurred on 2016, when a user sends 0.0001 bitcoin trading results, incidental expenses is 291 bitcoin.

Bitcoin extortion case

In March 31, 2013, the dark network operators of Silk Road terrorist pirate Roberts (Dread Pirate Roberts) to send a user “redandwhite” 1607 bitcoin, the user is actually a DEA agent, he wants to blackmail the dark network market, and ultimately to $150 thousand the agreed price reached a deal. The deal by 322639 confirmed, and can not be rolled back.

The United States Marshals auction Darknet “Silk Road” confiscated bitcoin

7 2014 1, the U.S. marshals held an auction, from the dark net “Silk Road” seized bitcoin assets auction. Finally, there are about 30 thousand bitcoins were auctioned to the winning bidder, the auction bitcoin is divided into 10 blocks, each block has one final bid. The successful bidder is a well-known Silicon Valley investor Tim Dereiber (Tim Draper), and was named to the 1800 million price to buy bitcoin now is definitely a smart investment.

Bitstamp bitcoin theft

Encryption currency in the industry, often heard of bitcoin hackers attacks. But the most notorious repute is encryption currency exchange occurred in 2015 Bitstamp theft incident, when the exchange lost nearly 20 thousand bitcoin.

In fact, during the 2009-2015 years, the price of bitcoin has been growing exponentially, so large bitcoin transfer transaction has begun to attract people’s attention. As we are about to bid farewell to the 2018, there have been some concern bitcoin transactions, for example, just two weeks ago, Ann sent more than 100 thousand coins and bitcoin, bitcoin cash hard and 1 million bifurcation bitcoin cash transaction occurred.

In the block chain, any transaction is transparent, and this is precisely the charm of bitcoin.

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