Eight commemorative bitcoin transactions

Bitcoin trading now appears to be very ordinary things, there are 30 million similar education at BTC and BCH on the network every day. But occasionally a few historical trading activity. These transactions can be seen in any of the block chain network, they have been always recorded in the chain, and the public is deified.

Bitcoin blockchain in history

All bitcoin transactions are equal in the eyes of the miners. If the additional enough cost for the sender or recipient who may be or how much the transfer of BTC without any distinction. Only the application of hindsight and context can be attached to the importance of such matters as the operation code. So far, there are more than 360 million pen BTC transactions, the following article only describes 0.0000022%. But there a lot of bitcoin history in the slim selection. If you know where to look, it will block in the chain of magic and mystery.

In the eyes of the miners, each bitcoin transactions are the same. As long as the miners fee can be, the sender or recipient who is or how much transfer bitcoin does not make a difference to them. So far there are more than 360 million bitcoin transactions, the following article describes only a few of the most significant trading.

Bitcoin first transfer

We start from the first bitcoin transfers, this is the first bitcoin transfers between individuals, is initiated by Nakamoto transfer. It happened in January 12, 2009, Nakamoto in 170 blocks to Hal Finney sent 50 BTC. As with the earlier bitcoin transactions, the transaction cost is 0.

The first BTC.

For the first time bitcoin currency trading

In October 12, 2009, Finland developer Martti Marmie (Martti Malmi) at a price of $5.02 sold 5050 yuan BTC, through the Paypal transfer. The number of sending bitcoin was obtained with the only way bitcoin is also very consistent with the currency, are obtained by mining a block, the reward is 50 bitcoin.

Buy pizza by bitcoin

Laszlo Hanyecz through the purchase of 10 thousand bitcoin pizza is very famous, no one does not know this thing. The details do not need to repeat: we only record the legendary trading block chain of interest. In 57043 the height of the block trading records, records sent in May 22, 2010 10000.99 BTC. By the way, the 0.99 BTC is used to pay the fee of the miners. This is equivalent to each byte 4191 Cong.

Mentougou million transactions

Early bitcoin game player if you want to prove that they bitcoin address how many money, only through the address to send a small transaction. Mt. Gox (Mentougou stock exchange) CEO Karpeles (Mark Karpeles) has a different idea, when asked when he shows the money keeping ability, he has a large number of bitcoins from sending their bitcoin address.

We can see through the blockchain browser the transaction issued 442 thousand BTC, block chain also recorded the deal. In June 23, 2011, a record deal, 442 thousand bitcoins were sent to two addresses, 424 thousand of them were sent to an address. Until November of that year, before sending a 550 thousand bitcoin, has been sending the largest bitcoin trading.

The price of the miners fee

2013, a Reddit user frustration said: I input the miners fee is too high, what method can cancel the deal? 5 in April 16 send 98 bitcoin transaction sent, miners fee of up to 30 bitcoins. Is each byte 6 million 800 thousand.

Finally, after the confirmation of ore pool know the situation, the return of 7.5 coins. And this is definitely not the highest fees miners bitcoin transactions. In August 2013, someone sent 200 bitcoin miners fee, finally the miners mine pool fee returned, and in 2016 0.0001 with a bitcoin transaction, miners fee of up to 291 coins.

Bitcoin extortion case

In March 31, 2013, operators of the Silk Road Roberts (DPR) to the user “red” (DEA agent account) sent 1607 BTC, the reason is that the U.S. drug enforcement agency agents in the dark network market. This blackmail for $150 thousand the agreed price reached a deal.

The Silk Road marshals US auction in July 1, 2014, confiscated from the Silk Road in the United States Marshals the auction of assets, nearly 30 thousand bitcoin is auctioned to the winning bidder. The auction is divided into 10 blocks, each block has one final bid. The tenderer is Tim Dereiber (Tim Draper), the acquisition price of about $18 million was proved to be a very smart investment.

Tim Delle Per

Bitstamp hacker

A lot of bitcoin transactions can be linked with hackers. Which is the most famous 2015 Bitstamp stolen nearly 20 thousand bitcoin.

With bitcoin prices compared with the past continuous innovation, bitcoin transfer transaction is getting more and more attention, once a large transfer will immediately attract people’s attention. Over the past two weeks, between two dollars an wallet sent 100 thousand bitcoin transfers attracted attention, in November 15th a total of BCH address on the eve of hard branch, 1 million with bitcoin cash transfers. As long as the transaction is carried out in the above chain, there is no privacy for society, this is the bitcoin unusual charm.

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