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EKT technology is the high performance multi chain chain a chain of public consensus, suitable for large-scale commercial block chain development platform, is committed to building a world of programming. Multi Chain EKT architecture can be described as “Multi Chain consensus, a chain of coins”.

The Internet is the center or to the center?

The rise of a technology, often accompanied by huge fantasy and crazy bubble. Before the Internet era of the Internet, from 1980s to early twenty-first Century, the establishment of Internet services in the Internet community open control protocol. This means that the people on the Internet or the enterprise can strengthen the strength, know the rules of the game will not change. This time the Internet is practice “to the center”, but also the Internet giant began to debut in this era, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. In this process, like YAHOO, the importance of AOL centralized content platform greatly reduced.

Second in the Internet era, from the middle of 2000s to the present, the for-profit company of science and Technology (mainly Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Amazon, commonly known as FLAG) built the function quickly over the open protocol software and services. The explosive growth of intelligent mobile phone to accelerate this trend, the mobile application has become the main factor of people using the internet. Finally, users migrate from open service to these more advanced centralized service. Even if the user still access such as Web protocol, usually in FLAG software and services to act as an intermediary to visit. Billions of people enjoying global cutting-edge technology, most of the techniques are free to use. But startups, content creators and other groups to strengthen the strength on the Internet becomes more difficult, but also worried that they face the centralized platform to change the rules, grab the audience and profits. This in turn stifle innovation, making the Internet less attractive and vitality. Centralization also caused more extensive social tensions, we from around the topic of many remarkable debate, such as false news, Botnet, “no user platform”, the EU privacy laws and Prejudice algorithm and other topics. The debate in recent years more and more fierce.

The development of the Internet is a historical reference block chain technology. Block chain and the Internet is similar to many points. This stage is very similar to the Internet history stage in early 2000.

In 2000, a lot of people go to the center of the Internet is propaganda, now do not need to explain, is the Internet center or to the center?

There is no doubt that in the early days of the Internet, the platform has not formed, there is to the center of the trend, but with several areas of platform enterprises monopoly enterprises is big enough, the Internet again return to the center of the. Several platform companies formed a new center, the Internet gradually deviated from the real to the center.

In the face of centralized Internet giant, the first response is to implement the regulation, and the communication network in the past such as the telegraph, radio, Internet TV, telephone is similar, as long as the hardware communication source by setting and monitoring based on logic, can efficiently determine which content and function is a user can use. But based on the software of the Internet world, this supervision has encountered a problem, because the code programming brings endless possibilities, past hardware generated supervision mode based on hardware architecture is that it is difficult to be re designed and constructed, but the Internet software facilities, design the architecture can be kept in the promotion of giant or community under the.

To the center of the Internet from it is based on a simple core layer in the core level, tens of billions of connected edge equipment. Each edge device has participation function (program) release and content publishing rights. The software is a human thinking through the code presented, so it has almost unlimited space design. A computer connected to the Internet can be largely free to run any software owner’s choice. There is a proper incentive mechanism, any product or service concept can be quickly spread on the internet. The Internet architecture is the intersection of technology creativity and incentive design in place.

Late in the first ten years of the twenty-first Century, this to the center gradually controlled by monopoly, users gradually forced to participate in the “secondary network space free of the technology giant building, in this space, the rules specified by the giant algorithm. But this quasi monopoly can’t last, sprout new technology always in the field edge of giants, or even its business outside.

The Internet is still in the early stages of development: core Internet services can be almost completely re designed architecture in the next few decades. I believe that this will cannot do without the support of the block chain network, network based introduced in bitcoin in the first, the further development of the idea in the etheric fang. Block chain network will be the best features of both the Internet Era: the community management to the center of the network and eventually surpass the most advanced centralized service function combination.

Why EOS will set off waves

In the block chain industry ecosystem, one can meet the needs of the business, the blockchain common application platform is essential for efficient, and occupies an extremely important position. The rise of Ethereum and 2017 in the years of explosive growth, provides an excellent example for us. Ethernet square as a block chain 2, joined the intelligent contract, is still used in the POW algorithm (the recent release of Plasma to POS). Called to replace the etheric Fang ecological EOS, uses DpoS. EOS has attracted nearly 50 DAPP in the main line before entering.

Intelligent contract design is a complete distributed Turing machine can be used to calculate all the application platform of a center, a solution of Oracle financial disputes. Early in the framework of ETH is fully aware of the importance of scalability, the whole network resource sharing, it is difficult to isolate. From past experience, ETH has experienced several large areas of congestion in the token on sale, the popularity of cryptokitties can block the whole ETH network transfer, with the application of block chain technology more widely, linear processing pressure is facing beyond its design capacity risk.

Block chain is a trusted system can ensure the output. To the center of the system, the system capacity as natural center so requires the use of high capacity, can be selected according to the demand of center of higher degree to block chain system, center of the lower level basically, the large capacity of all high parallel block chain system with low latency, actually have a center to some extent the extent of the center, the sooner will. With the Internet, the block chain is not entirely to the center, but you can use it at any level, any level to the center. So, you need to demand high capacity, less to the center of a little better, at least in the reliability, it may be more than the center of the system is strong.

However, admittedly, the entire block chain industry is still in a perfect infrastructure in the early stage, the biggest obstacle to hinder the stage of large-scale application in block chain technology. The mechanism of Ethereum as well as the operating efficiency, it is difficult to support a large commercial center of applied ecology.

We judge in this case, though, the most successful popular Ethernet square chain contract intelligent technology and set up a huge ecological chain block contains various types of applications and ERC-20 tokens, but it is far from the development of application platform can meet the realistic demand of business. It limits the commercial development of the obstacles exist in its technical mechanism.

Why does EOS have the potential to become a more common application platform to improve the block chain? Because EOS Ethereum can solve some problems obviously. The DPOS consensus algorithm and graphene bottom tool group EOS to meet the tens of thousands of times per second, or even millions of times per second trading enterprise applications request. Provide account system EOS software, can help developers to quickly develop their own DAPP, but if you want to develop DAPP in the etheric Fang, you need to spend more time to the development of the underlying module.

In addition, the mechanism of independent architecture inter chain interaction and virtual machine EOS has many remarkable. For example, EOS set of Ethernet virtual machine (EVM), to support existing in the intelligent Ethernet operation contract fang. In the existing block chain Ethernet workshop, by adding a small amount of adaptation, can run in EOS system. EOS is more than the center of the etheric Fang and bitcoin. However, it is different with the center of the company, it is by consensus to deal with the blockchain community governance mechanism, which is a certain balance between decentralization and performance solutions. Can foreknow, distribute at the end of June 1, 2018 EOS launched version 1 tokens, and the network, the entire block chain industry will usher in a new wave of commercial application.

From across the internet protocol to the public chain

This year (2018) has become the first year of the chain competition. So far, for the whole field of digital currency, basically follow the “bottom to solve public chain development logic program, project application”. The underlying public infrastructure is equivalent to the chain block chain of the world, to solve the performance plan is used to expand the underlying public chain or provide service support for commercial applications. Only based on the underlying public solid steady and efficient operation of the chain, chain business applications to block development and landing. The necessity and importance of the public in the whole chain block chain field, thus remarkable.

Today, the underlying public chain is still in a very weak position, unable to realize safe, reliable and efficient. It also significantly restricts the development of the whole industry chain block. The block chain exposed to various defects, including total energy inefficient, poor function or restricted, and the lack of mature management mechanism. In order to expand the bitcoin transaction throughput, has developed many witnesses such as isolation (Segregated-Witness) solutions and Block Size expansion that, in order to improve the performance of Ethernet lane, there are cross chain lightning project network and Polkadot, but the vertical expansion program because of a single physical machine capacity is limited, or it will damage the the characteristics of the audit.

2018 is the year for the chain of public investors, is also the layout of the public chain historic opportunity, if you wait until the competition pattern is clear, the winner will be the same as now the Internet giant ecological control. Now, who will win is not clear, compared to the traditional Internet industry, the total market value of assets is still in the low block chain. At present, many public projects in the block chain chain, each chain public design philosophy and application scenarios also each one has its own merits. In addition to the etheric Fang and EOS occupy the first mover advantage of certain projects, some public chain also has certain characteristics in the technology, such as Cardano, Zilliqa hope that through layered architecture technology to increase network throughput; Aelf and Dfinity through cloud computing to improve block processing efficiency; EKT and Polkadot are the main cross the chain, through the establishment of the information superhighway in the chain between Dalian and NEO; QTUM want to subvert the prophecy through the underlying technology and consensus mechanism, to build a new eco system. Because of the huge growth space can be predicted, these chain mostly also has a lot of fans and supporters of the community. The current development of block chain industry, various chain will compete, but also has the characteristics and their own space, may present several dominate like the internet. In the future, with good scalability and ease of use, public project chain can attract more users and developers to build a better ecological chain will also be the block in the world just to be.

Although most public chain project will raise the high TPS, high availability, high expansibility, cross chain standard index, but in the bottom frame block chain world, solve the performance, to the center of the triangle, and degree of safety problems, or a need to cross a huge obstacle. The first generation of block chain has only block books (bitcoin), the second generation of block chain with Oracle based on block books (Ethernet Square), but the second generation in the block chain is widely used today, the performance bottleneck of the exposed and development problem is gradually lead to dissatisfaction with the community. Obviously, in the field of chain high tide, public infrastructure as a chain block chain of the world, will always be the core developers attention. The third generation multi chain block chain, cross chain ecology gradually spread, and a new generation of public chain like EOS, are eager for a fight on the track, to.

The classical internet protocol is free and open source, so in the Internet world giants dominated the application layer. From the Internet to the classical block chain, because the incentive mechanism exists in the blockchain world, the underlying public chain is the biggest gains. So the code block chain contribution and users pay more attention to the underlying public technology and ecological chain. The author thinks that the underlying public chain will be at this stage of research and focus on the industry chain block. The application of various public chain in scalability, consensus and application of ecological construction on the philosophy of competition will continue.


The Internet is in the center of the stage over. In 1989, Berners Lee proposed to establish a global hypertext web project (WWW), so that everyone can successfully obtain and share information from the internet. He certainly does not affect the process of the development of human civilization in the future expected to own conception. He certainly did not think, in the past thirty years, but he will center for the status quo over Internet was deeply worried about. The Internet has been the monopoly, we use high frequency website or APP, then several. Chinese is BAT series, Google, Facebook, American Amazon, Apple… This is almost simultaneous global trend. The public block chain as a trusted public computing facilities. This new underlying technical architecture so that we have a new possibility. Can let the user identity and behavior data own control light. All personal data, can be owned by the users themselves, and limited to authorized third party when you need to use. Based on the block chain, we are expected to “exploit data from oligopoly”. Stand in the block chain industry macro level to understand the public project for the foundation of the whole industry chain value and realize the expected. Even if we choose the investment error deviation will not, as long as the pattern is large enough, we will not miss this historic investment opportunities.

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