Electronic giants LG test R3 distributed books software

nnnIn the past, R3’s distributed book software Corda has been favored by many block-chain projects, and now South Korea’s electronics giant LG has announced that it will use the software to build a chain-chain financial platform. This shows that the Korean public and private sectors are increasingly concerned about the technology.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nLG CNS is South Korea’s electronics giant LG’s IT subsidiary, now announced the increase in the block chain technology concerns.n
nAccording to local media sources this week, LG CNS is using R3’s distributed book software Corda to build a chain-based financial platform. The company chose Corda primarily because the software was able to selectively disclose data and save time.n
nLG GNS plans to set up a digital financial center on July 1 to further expand its existing digital finance business and recruit more experts to support the project.n
nOverall, this is the latest proof that South Korea’s public and private sectors are increasingly interested in block chain technology. So far, logistics services, financial start-up companies and central banks are open to discuss the relevant initiatives and pilot projects.n

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