Emerging hedge fund companies want to raise $ 200 million in investment in digital currency

nnnThe SEC recently announced a document filed by a hedge fund company called Cryptocurrency Fund LP, which intends to raise $ 200 million in investment in digital currency. The company was just set up in Las Vegas at the end of June, with little information about its company and investment plans. Although the company said that because the regulatory matters still can not disclose a lot of information, but it still reminds people now invest too much in the project, need to keep your eyes clean.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nAccording to the regulatory documents, a newly established hedge fund company, which had just been established, wanted to raise $ 200 million in investment in digital money.n
nThe company, called Cryptocurrency Fund LP, proposed to raise funds in Form D filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which was disclosed on July 10. The minimum amount of financing is $ 100,000 and will be raised from qualified investors (with a net worth of at least $ 5 million).n
nThe document represents the latest efforts to attract large investors in the digital money market. In recent weeks, several investors in the field have already begun to do similar work, including $ 100 million to set up a fund focused on ICO, which has raised about a third of the money.n
nHowever, although the Cryptocurrency Fund LP is set at a high level, the company’s information is very small.n
nPublic records show that the form was filed by its chief executive officer, Pavlo Savchuk, which was registered on June 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The person in charge of the company Cryptocurrency Capital LLC includes Timofii Melnyk and Oleksii Yeharmin. Cryptocurrency Fund LP did not make much statements about the investment plan.n
nThe company published a short article on Block Chain assets on Medium in the day of registration. On its website, it was written that the white paper related to the plan could be downloaded, but Savchuk told CoinDesk in a telephone interview that the white paper could not be published because of the approval of the regulatory authorities.n
nSavchuk then said that in addition to the form submitted to the SEC, they also from the National Futures Association (NFA) permission. Until then, they can not disclose policies to any potential investors.n
nAccording to Savchuk’s LinkedIn, he served as a foreign trade manager for Gresa Group between 2013 and 2015. This is a Ukrainian company that produces renewable energy production equipment. He also served as a securities trader for T3 Trading Group in New York from March to May this year.n

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