Encrypted Asset Management Introduces Digital Currency Investment Index

nnnCrypto Asset Management (Crypto Asset Management) introduced a digital currency index called CAMCrypto30 and tracking the index of the class I stock. The company hopes to use these two new products to help investors better grasp the trend of digital money market, so that the market is more perfect to the early realization of the mainstream of this emerging assets.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nA veteran fund management company in the digital money is introducing two new products to make this emerging asset a mainstream.n
nAccording to CoinDesk’s exclusive news, Tim Enneking’s Crypto Asset Management company released a new product, called CAMCrypto30, on Aug. 10, a digital currency index that reflects the 30 largest market capitalization figures The situation of money. In addition, the company also released a new category of investable stocks of funds – will track the digital currency listed in the index.n
nIf successful, the index can be used to simply explore the digital money market trends, as the stock index to provide the same reference. Since the index of traditional assets is standard, this will enable investors to better analyze and track the performance of other assets in their portfolios.n
nThe ability to track new products such as the index allows investors to reach more asset classes while diversifying their holdings.n
nCAMCrypto30 is similar to the Russell 2000 index and the UK FTSE 100 index, determined by market value.n
nEnneking told CoinDesk:n
nn”We use these two indices as our model, because they are closest to the correct index in the field of encryption, which is not just a real index or an investment index.”n
nproduct content n
nSo what happens now? First of all, this index of separation with the investment has its own website.n
nThey also announced an embedded widget that enables third-party sites to track CAMCrypto30 index data. (It should be noted that the index will adjust the selection criteria once a month to better track the fast-growing digital money world rather than quarterly adjustments like the stock index).n
nIn addition, investors in the Asset Management Fund can now have three funds, each of which can make people invest in different types.n
nIn addition to the newly added category I funds used to track the index, the other two existing types of digital money funds are: L class used to generate short-term lending rates, and T-class for transactions.n
nThese three categories are issued by two open-end funds: one is the parent fund in Delaware, the United States, and the other is a joint fund that serves the international investors in the Cayman Islands. The former is an encrypted asset management company that serves qualified investors in the United States.n
nAll Class I stocks that track CAMCrypto30 will charge a fee of 2.5%, but will not be charged for earnings if there is no entrusted management for the tracking index.n

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