Encrypted currency miners rent Boeing 747 transport mining chip

nnnIn the background of the digital money market is so hot, miners in order to get more wealth is also more and more intense competition. The price of the currency is rising, and the cost of the hardware is not much changed, which means that the time is money for the miners. Therefore, Genesis Mining even rents the entire Boeing 747 to ensure that the mining chip can be shipped on time. This situation also pulled up the chip maker’s share price.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nAnyone who owns chip maker AMD and Nvidia stock now has to pay off.n
nWith the surging of Bitcoin and Taishu currency, digital money miners are struggling to gain wealth, and the graphics processor is the tool they need.n
nThey are now facing the problem of insufficient supply. Genesis Mining chief executive Marco Streng is also a miner, he admitted to Quartz:n
nn”We are renting the entire Boeing 747 to ensure that the chip is shipped on time, and other ways, such as shipping, will make us lose a lot of chances.”n
nThe whole plane!n
nThere are other reasons for this urgent situation. Compared to Bitcoin (current price of $ 3,400), it is easier to get the currency ($ 240).n
nAt a stage in June, up to 36,000 Ethernet ($ 8.6 million) per day could be mined and its price rose to $ 400.n
nAlthough the price of the currency is raised, the hardware and power costs are still relatively stable. So the demand for mining demand soared, the miners, the time is money, big money!n
n”Tell the Quartz,” it ‘s meant that you will lose the chance of mining, if it’ s ten days late, then you can not mine for ten days, and that ‘s the price.n
nAMD and Nvidia are the most heavily invested stocks in the Robinhood. For AMD, the mining of the etheric boom to bring its unexpected benefits.n
nAMD CEO Su Zuofeng last week in the earnings conference call, said: “Because of the encrypted currency, we see some demand rise.”n
nn”But we have to admit that we do not expect this situation, we do not think that the encrypted currency for us will be a long-term growth drivers.”n
n”But we will continue to focus on the development of block chain technology.”n

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