Encrypted currency trading makes Wall Street traditional traders a millionaire

nnnIn the media reports, Wall Street, some of the company’s traders to withdraw funds from the stock market, put bit currency and currency and other encrypted currency. And to seize the opportunity to raise the price of a big profit. Even the traditional trading company to set up a special digital currency trading company, or traditional traders to enter a new hedge fund work.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nWall Street traders Mike Komaransky and Chase Lochmiller gained greater financial success through encrypted currency transactions such as Bitcoin and the currency. They are the only ones who withdraw their money from the stock market. In fact, CNBC reported that many stock traders withdrew billions of dollars from the stock market.n
nFor example, traders Komaransky reportedly profitable, so the summer of 2017 announced that he will retire at the age of 38.n
nJune 30, 2017, his Twitter wrote:n
nn”After a 16-year trader’s career, today is my last day at @Cumberland_BTC and @DRWTrading, where the staff is good luck and wish you all the best.”n
nKomaransky found the way of Bitcoinn
nKomaransky read the digital money blog of George Mason University’s economist Tyler Cowen in 2010, when he was interested in Bitcoin, who worked in London, England.n
nAt the end of 2013, after the collapse of Mt. Gox, the world’s largest bit-currency exchange, Bitcoin prices began to rise.n
nThe continued rise in bitcoar prices led Don Wilson, founder and CEO of high-frequency trading company DRW Holdings, to order Komaransky to set up Cumberland Mining in 2014.n
nCumberland Mining has used a number of well-known deals, such as a large number of tokens from the auctions of Marshals Service owned by the US Department of Justice. These tokens are from the black market operator Ross Ulbricht and its illegal online black market “Silk Road” (Silk Road) confiscated money.n
nCumberland Mining’s success continues today, or one of the largest digital money market makers. Company employees currently 12, mainly engaged in Bitcoin and currency coins and other encrypted currency transactions.n
nLochmiller’s storyn
nOver the past decade, Lochmiller has worked on Wall Street’s largest high-frequency trading companies, such as Jump Trading and Getco. But in July 2017, he resigned from Jump Trading, joined the hedge fund Polychain Capital, like Tezos and the ether square, mainly engaged in virtual currency transactions.n

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