Encrypted money investors into the market, Amazon, Google, Facebook and other technical giants are not in which

nnnRampage comments: the current encrypted currency and block chain industry hot, we see the rapid influx of funds in the industry into the moment, especially since this year’s ICO boom has contributed to this phenomenon. Some people say that this is reminiscent of the 1999 network stocks bubble, yes, you can call it a bubble, which is absolutely no lack of speculation and risk. But for entrepreneurs and technology investors, the encrypted currency and its underlying block-chain technology are attractive in today’s technology sector, as this may be the only high growth area that is not occupied by veteran industry giants.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nCapital almost instantly influx in the encrypted money industry. You can call it a bubble, or the wilderness west. Some people say that this reminiscent of the 1999 network shares, or nearly 400 years ago, “tulip frenzy.”n
nTo be sure, there are indeed a lot of speculation, and the risk is numerous.n
nBut for entrepreneurs and technology investors, the encrypted currency and its underlying block-chain technology are attractive in today’s technology – which is likely to be the only high growth area that is not occupied by industry giants.n
nThink about all those popular terms such as clouds, robotics, networking, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. Under each category, the name immediately in your mind is almost Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft.n
nThe five companies totaled $ 3 trillion and have $ 530 million in cash. They are large and growing, building a future computing platform.n
nFor Chris Dixon, a partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, these companies are relatively absent in the field of encrypted currency and block chain.n
nDixon said in an interview with CNBC recently:n
nn”One of the big challenges facing start-ups is that we live in an era where there are many powerful veterans.”n
nnDixon led his company to invest in a website that purchased, sold and stored encrypted currency Coinbase, as well as encryption-protected chat service applications Keybase. Andreessen Horowitz also funded Polychain Capital, a hedge fund focused on investing in digital currencies.n
nAccording to CB Insights data, the second quarter, block chain start-up equity investment soared 44%, reaching $ 232 million. However, the growth of the encrypted money sector is due to the initial digital tokens issue (ICO), which is a model of unregulated sales of digital money or tokens, which use these digital currencies or denominations as a new Form currency. Autonomous Research showed that in the first half of 2017, more than $ 1.2 billion was raised through the ICO.n
nBut do not confuse quantity with quality. Most of these things will certainly go to zero, and ultimately, the SEC will also express a lot of views.n
n’Sit on the sidelines’ n
nBut so far, there is still a lot of room for maneuver, because the technology leader around the edge of the chain to invest at the same time, also put its time and money on other places.n
n”I can not imagine that they are going to see what is happening now as a business for their business,” said Barry Silbert, founder and chief executive officer of the Digital Monetary Group (DCG), which has invested in a series of chain-chain companies, projects and currencies A competitive threat, they will not be the forerunners, they will see the occurrence of innovation, they have to learn, sit on the sidelines, and then find some very good embedded in their business model of things when the acquisition.n
nIt is important to distinguish the block chain from the encrypted currency.n
nA block chain is a distributed electronic sort of book that enables real-time tracking of all transactions, such as payments, loans, and contracts. The encrypted currency makes an application of block-chain technology, using its de-centered nature to create alternative forms of currency that are not linked to the central bank. Hundreds of encrypted money items will create their own currency.n
nAlthough the technical giants almost did not invest in the encrypted currency, but at least they block the chain or pay attention to, and put a small amount of money to carry out the work.n
nMicrosoft has introduced a product called blockchain as a service in its Azure cloud, which essentially provides hosting services for block chain start-ups and workloads. According to an article on Forbes, Amazon Web Services did a similar business in DCG a year ago, but did not release any official announcement.n
nMost of Alphabet’s business activities in the market are carried out through its venture capital firm, GV, which includes start-ups such as block chains (company names) and distributed payment networks used by banks. Google’s artificial intelligence department, DeepMind, is also using classification books like block chains to track and protect medical data.n
nAt the same time, Apple and Facebook did not take any action on this subject.n
nThe biggest move among large suppliers in this area is IBM, which last month said it is building block-chain technology for seven of Europe’s largest banks to promote international trade in small and medium-sized businesses. Its chief executive, Ginni Rometty, said at a meeting in January that IBM is using its chain chain to track its finances and to work with large retailers and shippers to implement block chains in global logistics systems.n
nThese are early actions, industry rookies still have the opportunity to create a new block chain platform.n
nEncryption projects have not even been confirmed, in addition to Bitcoin there is no breakthrough in the use of cases as a value storage, although Bitcoin is also very unstable.n
nInvestors saw a promising market, while Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg were not quietly acting. Josh Hannah, a partner at venture capital firm Matrix Partners, has been buying encrypted money for his clients, but has not yet invested in the company’s funds into any project or start-up.n
nHe is waiting to see.n
nHannah had previously helped create a betting site Betfair, he said:n
nn”This is, to a large extent, closer to the results of the projects we usually participate in. If encryption technology fulfills its commitment, then it is likely to be one of the factors that subvert these platforms, which is for entrepreneurs and venture companies That is very good. “n
nnHannah points out:n
nn”That is, at least it will subvert the venture company.”n

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