Encrypted Money Rich: Baroness Secret Secret Luxury Coin Apartment

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nnnIn the wake of the runaway: Baroness, British Parliament member Michelle Mone and partner, private equity firm Aston Ventures founder Doug Barrowmen will build “Aston Crypto Plaza” in Dubai, a luxury apartment building for encrypted currency holders. Can be used to pay the bitcover, and early buyers can participate in free room raffle.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nTwo famous British entrepreneurs will set up a luxury apartment building in Dubai, the purpose is to hold a large number of people who have money to provide housing.n
n”Aston Crypto Plaza” leader is Baroness, underwear designer, British Parliament member Michelle Mone, her partner is well-known business people, private equity firm Aston Ventures founder Doug Barrowmen.n
nMone said the apartment building would consist of 1,133 luxury apartments, covering an area of ​​2.4 million square feet, with a gym and a swimming pool aimed at “stunning block chain community”.n
nThe apartment is certainly not cheap, between about $ 133,000 and $ 379,000, to accept Bitcoin payments, and BitPay is a pay processor.n
nBitPay CEO Stephen Pair said:n
nnThe sale of these properties can be done anywhere in the world in a few minutes, the speed is like sending mail. “n
nnThe baroness said it felt that this was the opportunity for Bitcoin investors to convert their shares into physical assets.n
nMone, who won the 2010 Order of the British Empire, joked that he had had experience with underwear company Ultimo, so he had a wealth of experience. She said with a smile that the 40-storey apartment building was “nothing compared with the G cup.”n
nThese apartments will be pre-sold on the site, and early buyers will be able to participate in the free winners, “at least 50 apartments will be sold.”n

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