Encryption currency bubble was burst, bitcoin fell below $5000, a record

According to the published block chain authoritative website, bitcoin on Monday fell to the lowest since last year. It can be said is bitcoin fall to the bottom. According to statistics, only the latest deadline for bitcoin press time, the latest closing price of $4800, it can be said that this is a new low following a bitcoin crash since the.

Bitcoin is a kind of encryption currency from the Cong design in Japan in the open source software to produce, because of the point to point to the center of the payment system to make it in the world can be said to be popular. In the last year, the value of bitcoin has increased to $twenty thousand. Encryption can be said that the money market recently ushered in the winter, bitcoin at a close below $5500, have been shocking, the opening price in the new bitcoin $5548.29, the market will soon bitcoin dropped to $5165.

In this twenty-four hours, bitcoin and even hit a low of $4708.86, the maximum rose to $5610.15. Now, he has been almost around $4800.

Bitcoin as an encrypted currency market benchmark, this wave crash caused other encryption currency earthquake, such as Ethereum (Ethernet Square), Tron (wave) and XRP (Rui Bo) also fell by 15%, 16% and 4%.

With encryption currency into the winter, with the prevailing mining shares rose NVIDIA shares fell 17%, some analysts believe that the reason is: NVIDIA holiday quarter sales were disappointing, with the false prosperity brought encryption currency mining with encryption currency also fell into the bottom, a large number of chip distributors and retailers unsold accumulation. NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-hsun Huang said that with the encryption currency craze subsided, the game card price down.

With encryption currency market crash. Believe that the market can be gradually rational down, can be said that in recent years, encryption currency market there is a big bubble, now there are one thousand kinds of encryption currency market, its price is also volatile. Xiao Bian also feel that banned encryption currency trading is a very correct choice, now encryption currency market can be said to be very unstable, until the encryption currency market is becoming more rational is the right choice.

Money is a ring to encrypt the cashless society, the development of encryption currency trend is irresistible. In view of the digital currency can have “money laundering, terrorist financing, risk evasion and fraud”, to strengthen the management and control by the State Encryption currency market. You can see the encryption, the money market are entering the winter, it is unclear how the development of encryption currency after currency, but now for encryption, this is indeed a difficult time.

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