Encryption currency continues to collapse bitcoin fell $4000 has not yet bottomed out

[global network Roundup] according to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported on November 26th, 25 days after the bitcoin continue to fall below 6000, successive and $5000 integer points, $4000 also declared the fall.

According to Bitstamp, bitcoin at midnight New York time 25, 4.5% fell to $3635, while in the morning before 7:50 to recover, but still was declining, only last week fell 33%, 2018 fell 75%.

Many factors lead to the 2018 crash bitcoins, strengthening supervision, such as the official currency in exchange, to encrypt such disorders, these bad increased last week.

Bitcoin decline has been deep, but the Oanda trading director Stephen Innes believes that there is no evidence that the bottom has now, “if fell to $3000, the situation is even worse, everyone will want to play.”

However, bitcoin is not completely defeated. According to the United States, “the Wall Street journal” reported that the Ohio government will accept tax bitcoin, it will also become the first American state to accept bitcoin. (internship editor: Ma Na audit: Tan Liya)

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