Encryption currency elegy? Bitcoin miners below cost price, million yuan was sold on the pounds of scrap iron ore

(Chu Yuan Kim in November 21, 2018)

In recent years, with the bitcoin record highs, a number of symbols, even the highest on the high price of $20 thousand. Appreciation of 4 million times in eight years, the huge temptation to calm, the mystery has encouraged more people to explore the virtual currency, even when all know what illiteracy blockchain on this tall.

Bitcoin approximate irrational appreciation crazy, so many people have blind worship the God of wealth as the virtual digital currency, all fantasy flourishes, and the volatility of the market risk to virtual currency transactions. Bitcoin, so many people crazy about you, hope to become rich mining, people chase the dream of digital currency.

Just in the last year, the production of bitcoin “machine” is hard to find a machine, a new machine has been pushed up to 30 thousand yuan, but also people find the relationship between the trustee, and the amount you buy is very large, can buy. People believe that to buy a machine, you find the golden key to open the door to wealth.

Second, some of the old machine to the retirement age, is pushed to a staggering 20 thousand yuan. Some miners said that even with the old machine to get a couple of years, Shenzhen Huaqiang North mine underground market forecast, the selling price is far more than the price of the new machine was bought.

In China there are people at large capital investment and intensive mining industry, large-scale mining. According to reports, a miner bought 2 million M3 mills, the trouble, and finally to 6000 yuan a price of bulk transactions. 20000 mill Pentium, the magnificence of fascinating scenes. This is where the mining, it is able to perform wonders.

The basic technology application bitcoin blockchain, through mathematical and encryption technology to create a new magic, business logic and financial model. Bitcoin was created to the center of the idea of money, this idea really shines the light of genius, was destined to be by the monetary authorities of the countries encirclement and combat. Some countries have banned domestic virtual currency transactions, strictly limit bitcoin survival soil.

Bitcoin bust is inevitable, it is a kind of digital assets, and even can be regarded as a kind of digital games, does not have the money to become the conditions. Everything is speculation, when the tide receded, naked people will pay the price.

In 2018 years, bitcoin has accelerated the decline process, peak 2 million dollars has become a distant memory, and in the 11 month 21 day, bitcoin transaction price hit a low of $4048.60.

What does this mean? The miners sadly found that mining more losses, digging bitcoin, enough electricity costs, not to mention the price and its cost, and plant and human input. In desperation, the miners not only stop mining, and the mining machine to extermination, when the catty sale of scrap metal. Because no one is more foolish than the miners, and now no one has to offer, bitcoin miners may have become the Swan song.

Go to the center of the crypto currency may not be the currency, bitcoin is a super dream, or a century series? The miners, smashing machine iron change policy, bitcoin sing elegy, heralded the end of a digital myth.

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