Encryption industry PR: how to promote your block chain start-ups, the successful completion of ICO and follow-up development

nnnAs you know, block chains and encrypted money are one of the hottest topics in the world today and are expected to subvert the whole world. However, in order to achieve this, the block chain start-up enterprises need a solid public relations strategy, the successful ICO, so the smooth development to the fame. The author of this article to build a comprehensive information to build a basic public relations framework designed to make the encryption industry in the start-up business and marketing staff in the ICO before or after the brand awareness to build a rule to follow.n
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nIn the past year, unless you are isolated, you must have heard of the chain and the encrypted currency. As we know, the block chain has been around, and is expected to subvert the whole world. However, to achieve this, and other start-ups, block chain start-ups need a solid public relations strategy, smooth start, and then fame.n
nSo how to promote a block chain start-up business? Obviously, you need to use existing knowledge, experience, contacts, skills, and all of these together to understand your target audience in order to be successful. But what else is needed? In this article, I integrated the various aspects of information to form a basic framework to facilitate the encryption industry in the publicity and marketing staff in trying to start their own business before or after the ICO to create brand awareness when there are rules to follow. That now you might ask why listen to me? Because the advice I made here is based on the public relations work carried out by two of the ten most successful ICOs we achieved this year: Bancor raised $ 153 million in three hours and Stox was in 34 hours Raised $ 33 million.n
nThis program first wants to know who your audience is. In this case, the audience will be divided into two groups: the person who knows the block chain and the person who does not understand the block chain. People with a certain block of chain knowledge usually come from an existing encrypted currency community. These people either invest in their own ICO, or spend a lot of time to understand Reddit related sections or concerned about CoinDesk article. In any case, these people have a higher degree of understanding of the chain area and need more advanced terminology and technical knowledge when talking to them. They will also read specialized publications, and they will be more connected to different social networks / platforms than mainstream people.n
nYour second group of target audiences (that is, those who do not understand the block chain) are relatively new players who have just entered the chain area, and these people realize that the block chain is hot. They heard that the encrypted currency and the coin had spread, and that they might have read several articles about Bitcoin, but they had little knowledge of the field. Then your PR strategy needs to convey different information and have different goals, while meeting these two groups of audiences.n
nFor these two groups of target audiences, your PR activity will be divided into four separate cores: media promotion, social media, leadership through leadership and leadership, or as I do, with the formula to keep these :n
nMedia promotionn
nWhen thinking about how to communicate the information to the media, it is important to remember that you do not want to use the terms that are too complex to make your audience difficult to understand and so that they simply do not want to understand the story The It is important to keep this in mind, especially when it comes to block chains, and even a lot of journalists you want to advertise are not well aware of the field. To ensure that the most simple way to convey to your reporter your key information, and then by the reporter to pass the information to the reader. The next web, CNBC, New York Times and Wall Street Journal and other technical and financial publications are excellent carriers for you to publish ICO information, so that you can reach out to the audience of the industry, or you can reach out to the industry (But want to know more) of the audience.n
nOnce you have figured out which publications you want to reach, the more challenging task is to find the right author to write the article among these publications. When you do public relations for UAVs who have just invented the fastest UAVs, it is good to find an author who understands UAVs and future technical knowledge and knows that he is probably the right target person. However, the block chain, encrypted currency and the ether square are relatively new topics, few authors have this knowledge reserve.n
nIf you can not find a reporter in a particular publication that reports a block-chain news, find a journalist who has published articles in the field of business or financial technology. Any journalists who have reported financial status in the future should be interested in the impact that the chain of chains will continue to have on financial institutions in the coming months. Or choose journalists who have reported similar news to your encrypted currency company. For example, an author who reports the intersection between sports and money may be able to understand the various forecasting platforms that have recently entered the chain chain industry.n
nIn addition to the top journals I mentioned above, the encryption industry has a lot of targeted media channels with active communities. To get the support of encryption experts to get rapid development, we must ensure that contact with these media. Many successful ICO and block chain distributions have been published on CoinDesk, Cointelegraph and Bitcoin News, and have not been successful in publishing top-level or mainstream publications. After the initial success, the more famous, more mature journals were reported. There is no need to simplify your information when you come into contact with this type of block-centric publication. And, in fact, it is more important to explain to you clearly the difference and uniqueness of your tokens issue or ICO project with other similar ICO projects.n
nAs with any other media promotion you deal with, the same is true of the ICO project, and when you come into contact with these sub-publications, keep in mind that your own projects stand out. The ICO boom will continue and your story must be distinguished from other emerging block-based news. Although the authors of specific encrypted publications do not need any technical instructions, you also need to let them believe that your story is not only worth the time to write, and your customer’s ICO is more groundbreaking than the previous ICO. Since these authors deal with this type of news every day, you have to make sure your story can stand out.n
nsocial media n
nWhen creating brand awareness for your chain-chain start-ups through social media channels, the rules for experts and non-experts will be different. An expert is a close and united community that needs to be treated in his capacity. While mainstream platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkage are well suited for mainstream audiences and for SEO, we need to use other tools to keep the backbone of encrypted money fans. The two most important (common) platforms used by the cryptographic community are Telegram and Slack. These two platforms can help those interested in the product of the fans and their team behind the close open discussion.n
nTelegram created a free and open civic conference for all, while Slack allowed more focused discussions across the channel. For these two platforms, the secret of good marketing is moderate. You want to keep the conversation going on and keep cutting the subject, but at the same time do not want to send spam, let people discouraged. It is advisable to create an all-encompassing message on Telegram that will allow new members to get all the information they need and stick to the topic. And in the slack can be welcomed by the robot program to achieve the same effect, you can also guide the new members to the appropriate channels associated with it.n
nIn addition to these platforms, we must consider the encryption industry to use one of the most important network – Reddit. In fact, the block chain is all about the content of the democratization system, so members of the various chain-chain start-ups often use this democratized content platform to participate in Reddit-related discussions, hosting AMA and managing their own Reddit forum, with its community to communicate more closely. But keep in mind that it is important for Reddit to be true, so it’s time to tell you who you are, and what you want to achieve, and always see yourself as a team member.n
nAnother emerging platform that is worth looking forward to is the chain-based network, Steem.it, which is similar to Reddit, thanks to block-based chains and is well welcomed by industry experts. On Steem.it, the user publishes the content and then receives the encrypted currency as compensation based on the degree of spread of the content it publishes within the community. And users are not only compensated for the content they create, but also for their first release of the content and compensation, so pay close attention to whether anyone released any of your company’s content.n
nFinally, the official Bitcoin Forum Bitcointalk should also be included in your social strategy and publish a detailed announcement of your ICO project in its “cottage” sub-forum. You should consider a bonus plan, which is the most frequently used technique that has been used recently. Basically, this is a social media ambassador alliance program that encourages your Bitcointalk members to advertise your start-up business on a variety of network platforms in exchange for a portion of the ICO share. And the ambassador will obtain the tokens at a predetermined rate based on the amount of attention they can attract for your ICO.n
nIn all social media activities, it is important to remember that the wording used to convey messages on the mainstream platform is clearer and clearer than the wording that is freely available on platforms such as Reddit and Bitcointalk.n
nPassing guest articles to lead the mindn
nFounding team members (or at least one member) need minor names, which is as important as playing your name for a cryptogenic start-up. As the block chain is a hot topic, television stations, online websites and newspapers are so eager to find a real understanding of the field of experts to comment on this. This is the time to clear this field of thought leader. Therefore, it is vital that the founder of the cryptographic start-up requires a commentary article on the web and then share it all over the world, thus enjoying a certain level of visibility.n
nMany block chain companies have their own blog, the founder will share their ideas through the blog. Or, some companies use Medium to publish this article. I suggest that at least a few comment articles be published in the main publications such as The Next Web, so that a wider audience can understand your start-up.n
nAnother important reason why the founder of this field is to write a commentary and publish it on a well-known journal is to improve their credibility in the eyes of the public. People invest their hard earned capital of these companies and want to make sure they are working with a team that knows what they are saying and can trust. It would be helpful to express valuable insights and opinions on accredited publications. But to ensure that your point of view is unique, rather than people have heard of the past, talk about the past, to show you the profound knowledge of this industry and unique insights.n
nSpeak by chancen
nIndustry-specific block chain meeting mushroomed endless. If it is important for you to be a leader in this field, it is also vital to attend these events and to present your views to the industry’s colleagues and to build a network of relationships with them. List all the major block chain activities held in the next few months, and ensure that they play a leading role in the meetings that will bring you maximum value and speak to the stage. Make sure to apply for a few months in advance, because the quota will be filled soon.n
nIn short, as you can see, this article provides you with a very basic framework to add momentum to the development of your chain-chain start-ups. Strategies, goals, and even some of the platforms used to promote cryptographic start-ups are the same as any other start-ups. However, in addition, there are some specific channels and rules applicable to the chain chain industry can not be ignored. If you ignore these, then you will not be the focus of the encryption industry’s core staff.n
nKeep in mind that there are many other factors that can be used to play a role in deciding whether the company can succeed, such as corporate advisory committee members, investors, and so on. However, I can assure you that if you are sure to follow the formula given here:n
nYou will have your competitors to take a step ahead and walk on the right path to the successful ICO.n

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