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On March 8th, Energo Labs from Shanghai, China, and First Gen, one of the largest clean energy producers in the Philippines, held a blockchain new energy workshop at the University of De La Salle in the Philippines capital, which can accommodate nearly 100 people. The event was packed. Combined with the campus micro-grid project demonstrated by Energo at the De La Salle University, teachers and students fully felt the revolutionary power that the blockchain gave to the new energy industry, and the impact and opportunities brought about by blockchain applications on the social environment and climate change. This is also the first time that Energo has officially announced the first successful blockchain microgrid project details.n

De La Salle University blockchain new energy project workshop siten
The Energo project is built around the microgrid of the De la Sal campus. By utilizing the decentralized nature of the blockchain, it is ensured that users between the building and the building can conduct point-to-point power transactions directly, ensuring that the building’s electricity supply and consumption are always in Balanced organic working conditions. At the same time, using the distributed ledger properties of the blockchain, the energy metering system will also effectively record a series of transactions that occur and ensure the security of data storage.n

Kelvin Chen, Vice President, Energo Labs Productsn
Energo Labs, an international company that is committed to transforming the new energy industry through blockchain technology, donated a 10 kW solar energy hardware system to the University of De LaSa. This hardware system accelerates the production of clean energy on campus. In the upcoming 20-year work cycle, De Laza University will save up to 1.8 million Philippine pesos. At the same time, this system also promoted the University of De La Sa as one of the best green campuses in the world.n

A section of the University of Delaza Microgrid projectn
As one of the largest clean energy producers in the Philippines, First Gen provided 100% clean energy to the University of De La Sa through this project, which provided electricity support from the local power grid and matched Energo’s solar hardware and software systems.n
Mr. Aloysius Santos, Vice President of First Gen, also attended the workshop. He said, “First Gen, one of the largest clean energy producers in the Philippines, is eager to continue to deliver clean energy while also bringing deeper values ​​to people’s lives. An example of a microgrid project launched in partnership with Energo Labs Through this project, we hope to demonstrate the revolutionary subversive power of innovative technologies for teachers and students at De La Salle University, and to promote creative and insightful college students to spontaneously invest in the blockchain industry. ”n

Energo Labs Electrical Engineer Lathika Chandra Mouli and First Gen Vice Chairman Aloysius Santosn
Dr. Marco S. Saez, deputy director of the Academic Research Institute of De La Salle University, also said, “We are fortunate to work with Energo Labs and First Gen to advance the project and become the first in the Philippines to apply the blockchain to microgrids. One of the universities, at the same time, this kind of epoch-making blockchain project is constantly flooding into the campus, which is bound to overturn students’ perceptions and understanding of the changing environment of science and technology.”n
The campus microgrid project also thanks to the utmost support of many participants. The School of Engineering and Computer Science at De La Salle University participated in the site management and later research of the project; Huawei donated photovoltaic inverters to the project, Brills Marketing supplied solar inverters, and Netsolar supplied and installed solar photovoltaic panels for the entire The smooth operation of the project provides hardware support.n
By providing clean energy for the University of De La Sala below the market price and constantly optimizing the energy usage of the campus, this microgrid project provides an economical green energy solution for how to guarantee the stability of the grid.n

Joze Kosmerl, Energo Labs Backend and Blockchain Development Engineern
At the end of the workshop, Kelvin Cheng, product vice president of Energo Labs, through a bidding power game, used participants to use Energo’s self-designed energy trading app to enable participants to experience the point-to-point energy trading method in the future microgrid.n

Workshop scenen
The success of the University of De La Salle Micro-grid project has laid a solid foundation for Energo Labs to continue to promote blockchain new energy landing projects and education and training in the Philippines and throughout Asia.n
The current international partner of Energo is not only international organizations dedicated to transporting clean energy to more regions, such as the CLEAN Energy Access Network, the largest decentralized energy organization in India, the Global Clean Energy Alliance Power for All, and the Alliance for Rural Electrification Alliance Global Electrification; There are also public utilities and companies that are committed to using blockchain to innovate new energy. In the future, Energo will also accelerate the technological transformation of clean energy in the international arena. In addition to the microgrid projects in the Philippines, it is also laying a number of landing projects in India, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea. Energo Labs uses the distributed nature of blockchain technology to combine with microgrids to lay the nearest power supply and autonomous consumption in remote areas. At the same time, it also combines the decentralized nature of blockchain with hardware such as solar cells and energy storage. Accelerating power reforms in off-grid areas will allow clean power to benefit more residents in remote areas as soon as possible.n
nJoin the Energo community to learn more about the exciting new energy of blockchain: https://t.me/EnergoChineseCommunityn

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