Energy Chang: bitcoin flash collapse, bitcoin mining machine sold on the pounds, ten 10 2000, currency speculation are returning

If winter comes, there are a lot of news to be caught off guard, the author should first understand bitcoin, 2011, I will pay attention to bitcoin, then bought four books about bitcoin, a careful study of this virtual currency, bitcoin was just a few hundred dollars, but in 2016 to 2017. Bitcoin heat is unprecedented, many people do not stock instead of currency speculation, through a local salon chaos club, I even entered Henan a currency circle, see a lot of money circle chiefs, said the assets are tens of millions of others, but also see a 90 little brother Daoteng hand hand hand machine, virtual currency and various unequal values is about about five million, so many people feel unbelievable, bitcoin has made many unbelievable rich mythology, but the environment at that time, I did not bitcoin circle around, do not know where to buy? Do not know how to buy the machine? How to dig bitcoin? So the side of the circle is indeed very important, no circles and contacts, it is difficult to capture more information for the first time.


Bitcoin in more people’s minds, stands to the center, on behalf of a fair, with no cheating, so many people are particularly recognized, even think bitcoin can replace the currency, also can be used for trading in the scene. Bitcoin is a product of the blockchain technology, actually block chain does not reduce the heat, in bitcoin, block to the center of the chain as a technical solution, get a lot of attention of the enterprise, including the Tencent and Alibaba, but Ma Yun publicly said he was not very understand bitcoin, do not know the value of it, but Ma Yun saw behind bitcoin blockchain technology, and Alibaba and Tencent to block chain technology to do a depth layout.

Bitcoin’s richest man Li Xiaolai

In 2017, you have friends into bitcoin, spent 50 thousand yuan to buy a bitcoin, during the rise and fall, but in 2016, bitcoin has been stable at almost $10 thousand, not down, and there was also the soul of the coin ring to a teacher Lee, once the New Oriental, spent $13 thousand and 100 in 2011 next, bought 2100 special, the average bitcoin is $6, a rough calculation, just a few years, only in the bitcoin project, to Lee earned nearly 7 billion. This is indeed an unbelievable, non conventional riches myth.

Bitcoin is hot

By the 2018 year, this year the coin circle seems full of haze, however, is always a punctured bubble. The whole 2018 years, bitcoin opened the “fall” mode. As Beijing 11 20 August 12, compared with the beginning of the year high of $19299, bitcoin decline amounted to 76%. Bitcoin all the way down, until recently hit a 13 month low, below $4100, bitcoin mining machines with currency price languishing and suffered mine, after a small part of the bitcoin mine mill waste as a hill piled up in the yard, even by the people in accordance with the price of scrap iron catty to sell 100 thousand yuan, there are only 2000. people

Quiet a few months later, bitcoin two days and get money ring no peace. In the WeChat circle of friends, a lot of currency speculation brother aihong. In micro-blog, WeChat friends, bitcoin forum platform, in recent days, losing a lot of speculators are but a “Starving people fill the land”. Even a senior game player said their circle of currency assets have a loss of more than 85%, “declared bankruptcy”.

Fell 85%

Fell so much higher than the stock market is also fierce, a lot of people this time is undoubtedly to cry miserably, bitcoin mining machine sold on the pounds, ten 10 2000, a wave of currency speculation to poverty, only to start again, fighting hard for many years, back to the night before liberation.

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