Enigma co-founder Guy Zyskind sent a letter to the community

nnnIn the Enigma team and its community earlier this week after a phishing attack, Enigma co-founder and CEO Guy Zyskind personally wrote to the community to explain the attack time, and the whole community in the attack when the incident given The support expressed gratitude. Guy also explained the Enigma team’s solution for community members who suffered economic losses during the attack, and Guy also shared several important announcements in this article.n
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nI am the co-founder and CEO of Enigma, Guy Zyskind. The purpose of this article is to describe the recent attacks on Enigma and his community, while sharing several more important announcements.n
nAs you know, our community went through a well organized phishing attack earlier this week. And in recent days there have been many similar attacks plagued the entire encrypted money community, these attacks are often for the huge potential for sale and encryption projects. We have fixed the vulnerability of the attacker and are taking other steps to ensure the safety of the community and the tokens on sale. I and the entire Enigma team, our partners and community partners are working hard, but I still want to share some of my thoughts with the community myself.n
nFirst of all, the past few days are extremely challenging for everyone (phishing attack victims, Enigma and the whole community). This time, Enigma is very grateful to our growing community in the attack when the action taken. In the minutes after the start of the attack, and the days after the incident, our community took the lead. A lot of good people are selflessly enhanced against new attacks, trying to close new fraud sites, guide the community, and help us improve our own security. Until today, loyal members of our community are working with us day and night to try to track cybercriminals who attack, and this is out of their own goodwill. These efforts have allowed us to successfully lock up some of the stolen funds.n
nBut even though everyone is working together to mitigate the impact of the attack, some members of our community are stolen by nearly $ 500,000 from the attacker. It is no worse than the community that is above all the companies and the individual, the members of the community who join us are hoping to support a new wave of innovation, but have become the victim of such malicious acts. Everyone at the Enigma team has contributed to other projects at some point, hoping to help them become the next big innovation. With such privileges and a steady stream of money, no member of our community should be affected by such a financial stolen event, especially those who are trusted by us.n
nSo we have to take responsibility. We are sorry for the pain of those who have lost money because of fraud. At the same time we also want to ensure that community members who suffer from this phishing attack will not suffer any economic losses. After the sale of our tokens, we will return a certain amount of money to everyone who has lost money in the recent fraud. We have made direct contact with some of the affected parties. If you have lost your money but have not yet contacted us, please contact tokensale@enigma.co and provide you with personal and transactional information. We will work with the community to solve the problem according to the specific situation.n
nEverything that happened this week is an important lesson for all of us. We work internally with our experienced partners and ensure end-to-end security for tokens. Our tokens system is being deployed by our friends and partners in this process, and Element has successfully and safely implemented several highly anticipated tokens for sale. We have developed data sharing and password management policies throughout the company, as well as other stringent security measures. In addition, in order to eliminate any doubts about the sharing of information during the sale of our tokens, we plan to live live on September 11. The Enigma team will continue to support our projects behind, and this will continue for a long time in linking our digital identity to real-world status. In this way, we will be able to ensure that tokens are offered as expected and that all communications are carefully checked.n
nIn addition to these stringent security mechanisms, Enigma works with several major partners in the field to participate in a survey led by a special cybercrime division. We will take every step we consider necessary, and this is not just to recover the funds, but to protect all future tokens sale activities from similar malicious attacks.n
nDespite the attack, we are still very lucky, the community and supporters are still continuing to support the Enigma project and our tokens on sale. As of yesterday, we have completed and ended the pre-sale phase for the credit investors, successfully reached the upper limit of 20 million US dollars. But the pre-sale of substantial oversubscription, so we had to reduce the participation of additional interest groups to ensure that community members can fully participate. We are now concentrating on the start of September 11 and have stepped up security measures to reopen the Slack community.n
nFor further up-to-date information on the Enigma team, please pay attention to our Telegram announcement and Twitter.n
nThanks again for the support we have expressed in these difficult times. The pain is terrible, but I am now more convinced that with the help of all of us, we will continue to build a great project and community. We will work together to create a powerful system, and millions of people can benefit from it. Let us continue to explore the new limits, bold to no one has been involved in the unknown areas.n
nThank you,n
nGuy Zyskindn
nEnigma co-founder and CEOn

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