Entering the meta universe: where are the so-called opportunities to enter the meta universe?

In recent years, the definition of “meta universe” has attracted many Internet giants from all over the world, such as Google, Tencent official, Facebook, massive engine and so on, which has become a hot network in the financial market recently.
This can be seen from the reasonable layout of meta universe by large enterprises for a period of time. From large Internet factories to many well-known brands of automobile enterprises, the trademark logo of yuancosmos has already become a popular registration list.
In the past 20 years after the first year of AD, high-tech has been developing rapidly and iteratively, and has gradually stepped into the whole industry chain of multi curriculum construction.
Under such circumstances, the explosion of the meta universe is not nonsense, but an inevitable trend.
There is no doubt that the meta universe has become a well-known “hot goods”, everyone wants to grasp the benefits of this development trend.
And the first thing to do is for others to get involved.
The meta universe will be the best soil layer for creation
As one of the vocabulary of the year 2021 in the cosling dictionary, the meta universe has opened a new era, and the economic development of the creator of blockchain technology has also emerged.
As a runway of wide attention, Wang Ji, President and CEO of century Huatong and chairman of Shengqu game, recently accepted the interview program
“The breakthrough point in the short-term view of the meta universe is games, social media and immersive experience content, and the content and creative industries are expected to benefit from the beginning.”
The key feature of meta universe is opening to the outside world and creating at will, and the parallel space-time of meta universe continues to expand, which solves the constraints of time and space in the real world, so that consumers can fly their imagination, build their own products in the virtual world, and hit more and more design inspiration flames in the interactive communication of customers.
The meta universe brings a new and upgraded definition to the definition of “founder”.
In the future, the technical iterative updating will enable each individual as an creator to make his own items. According to the results of AR / VR and other machine equipment creators, the results will be presented in a systematic form, and the interaction between customers and creators will be further strengthened, and even participate in their creation.
As a creator, it will bring you the latest feelings in many years to come, which is also the problem encountered by the creator, but at the same time, it also brings certain opportunities.
Games are the primary and intermediate shapes of the metauniverse
Compared with other far-reaching development prospects, the game is the most visualized and initially intermediate shape of the practical activity meta universe, which has basically reached a consensus in the market.
Xu Yingbo, President and investment analyst of CITIC Securities technology industry, said that in the next 3-5 years, yuancosmos will enter the exploration stage of its development process. Games and social media may be the starting point of the metauniverse.

The key functions of the game for the meta universe are as follows:
The key to the construction of the virtual world is completed with the help of game technology. The product form of the game is similar to that of the meta universe, which provides a presentation method for the meta universe;
The game is based on the actual simulation and expansion, which brings more immersive, instant and diversified feelings to the customers of meta universe;
At present, the game symbolized by “roblox” and “fortrite” has long been recognized by the industry market. As the development process of meta universe, the game will continue to catalyze the development trend of meta universe in the future.
The investment craze of meta universe under the air outlet
On October 29th, a joint letter from Mark Zuckerberg pushed the meta universe into a whirlpool of public opinion.
“In the next 10 years, we are looking forward to covering 1 billion people in the meta universe, supporting hundreds of billions of dollars of data providers, and providing jobs for millions of founders and developers. It is estimated that billions of dollars will be invested in the project in the next two years before the meta universe reaches its business scale,” he said
Although sales markets have different understandings of the definition of the metauniverse, investors and entrepreneurs have already heard the news.
Top organizations such as massive engine and today’s capital have successively taken the lead. CITIC Securities also clearly put forward in the research report that:
Meta universe may bring about 10 years of project investment opportunities for the company. At present, it is difficult to get the investment base price of the project with short-term benefits from the meta universe, but the medium and long-term investment opportunities of the relevant industries will be seen in the medium and long term.
I don’t know what is the real investment value?
In the understanding of Yunxiu assets, digital currency, network layer hardware configuration and the lowest level integrated IC are very worthy of concern.
First of all, the real property must quickly become data information and digital currency, while the traditional way is too inefficient and expensive.
Those who can build digital currency with low cost and use SaaS to produce integrated bottom level special tools will become the foundation of meta universe, and give broad indoor space and imagination to independent innovation of future meta universe.
Secondly, hardware configuration has a long operation time, and VR / AR and other interactive machinery and equipment as well as key electronic devices in the whole industry chain will have very large indoor space.
In the end, the metauniverse display must be rendered in real time, which requires the lowest computing power as the support point. Therefore, the demand for GPU, CPU and AI processor will soar.
Naturally, the runway of yuancosmos project investment has always been a household name, and each has its own policies. But on the whole, the dialog box has been opened quietly, and it seems that the meta universe is about to enter its critical stage.
Project investment, creation and games are the main logicality in the application field of new projects, and also the method for customers to participate in the meta universe runway.
With the new project of meta universe becoming more and more colorful in the application field and economic development system software, the future participation in the new project of meta universe will have higher reverie indoor space.
Naturally, the metauniverse is still in its infancy, but it is undeniable that the era of the meta universe has come.
The future has come, only standing in the outlet, can become a social tide maker. All of us must be fully prepared for this.

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