Enterprise Ethereum Alliance appoints its first executive director

nRunaway Comment: Ethereum Enterprise Alliance has finally identified the first candidate for executive director, led wireless charging Alliance Air Fuel Alliance, 4G Mobile Broadband Technology Industry Alliance WiMax Forum Board of Directors, Intel executives. The coalition believes his experience in finance, technology and business development will help the coalition grow. His first job was to organize a coalition meeting during the World Economic Forum. The focus of the work is to promote the development of best practices, open standards and open source reference architecture at Ethereum, and upgrade Ethereum to an enterprise-class technology.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
The first ever executive director was appointed by Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).n
The open-source blockchain community announced that Ron Resnick, former chairman of the AirFuel Alliance, will head the agency.n
Media reports, Julio Faura, EEA chairman of the board, said:n
n”Ron’s role as the first Executive Director of our organization is to expand the organization, interact with members and promote the continuous development of technical content, and Ron’s experience and background lead the EEA through a period of rapid growth and expansion.”n
nResnick brings 25 years of experience in technology, finance and business development to this position. Prior to leading the Air Fuel Alliance, Resnick was also Intel’s executive, leading the WiMax Forum board of directors, an industry consortium developing 4G mobile broadband technologies.n
Resnick talks about his role at EEA. “My focus is to promote the best of technical practices, open standards, and open-source reference architecture in Ethereum, and upgrade Ethereum to an enterprise-class technology.”n
According to media reports, the first thing Resnick will do for the agency is to organize an EEA meeting during January 23 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.n
More than 50 companies have joined the EEA in the past three months, including Hewlett Packard, the Australian Digital Commerce Association and the Sberbank.n

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