Enterprise Ethernet Square Union added heavy new members, the number of members to 150

nnn(EEA) recently announced a new batch of new members to join, so that the organization to further grow, the number of members has reached 150. The new members include some well-known traditional companies and emerging start-up companies, the most notable of which are MasterCard and the Government of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is particularly noteworthy that the Government of Andhra Pradesh was the second member of the Government to join the EEA after the US government of Illinois.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe Enterprise Eiffel Alliance (EEA) announced its latest membership list.n
nThe new members are still the traditional institutions and start-ups that are seeking to develop in the chain of the APF block, including 29 companies including MasterCard, Cisco, Industrial Bank, Loyyal Corporation and QIWI Blockchain Technologies.n
nThe most prominent member of the group is probably the rapid development of the Andhra Pradesh government in the block chain, which is the first regional government to join the coalition except the US state government.n
nJ. A. Chowdary, Special Chief Secretary and IT Advisor of the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, stated in his statement the vision of the country to become a member of the EEA to transform the region into a financial technology center.n
nChowdary said:n
nn”We are keen to combine block technology with government management and look forward to working with Enterprise Ethernet to enable communities to enter this emerging market.”n
nnAndhra Pradesh is famous for its capital, Hyderabad, the second government member of the EEA, the first of which is the United States Illinois government that joined in May.n
nOther new members include Antibiotic Research UK, Ypse IT Solutions and Munich University of Technology. Block chain start-up company Bloq is also on the new list of members, but according to CoinDesk’s previous report, it has joined the organization in March.n
nHowever, the addition of the new members has enabled the membership of the EEA, which was established in February, to reach 150 organizations.n

nEEA calls itself a standard organization designed to help businesses develop their own interoperable technologies using a proprietary version of the Ethernet segment chain.n
nEEA Chairman of the Board Julio Faura said in a statement:n
nn”EEA’s breadth of technology, depth and organizational diversity are conducive to creating and driving the corporate ethercomb standard, which indicates the bright future of the next generation of ethercomb ecosystems.”n

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