Enterprise NGFT 90 members held an “informal” forum to discuss the work carried out in the form

nnnIn the last month, the Enterprise-Pacific Alliance held a second “informal” symposium for all members to discuss more details of the coalition’s governance model and to identify some of the objectives. The alliance was established early this year and has grown rapidly to more than 150 members. The meeting was attended by representatives of several working groups, which communicated to each other some of the criteria for the work of the groups to ensure that many of the independent projects involved could be interoperable with each other. This marks the enterprise ethercom federation once again entered a new stage of development.n
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nEnterprise Ethernet Square Alliance is about to enter a new stage of development.n
nThe Alliance was established early this year and has grown rapidly to cover more than 150 members from around the world. It is planned to launch a series of activities by its diverse group of members to open up a new paradigm for enterprise block-chain solutions.n
nSince the exposition of its first working group and the Technical Steering Committee in July, the President of the Enterprise Ebayuan Alliance (EEA) said that the alliance has solved the details of its governance model, gathering more new members and trying to Some goals.n
nThe union held a second “informal” symposium for all members last month, and the post-scenes work has taken a big step forward.n
nJulio Faura, chairman of the board of directors of the Enterprise Ebayuan Union, yesterday disclosed to CoinDesk more details of the meeting, indicating that the heads of the working groups have developed a series of plans to coordinate their work after a series of “confirmed” standards.n
nFaura said:n
nn”As we have said, most of the working groups have been established, and basically, in the past month, we have acted together in the management and technical steering committee.”n
nBehind the scenes workn
nA total of 94 participants attended the meeting, including representatives of the Tokgo Working Group, which was responsible for Alex Batlin of BNY Mellon, New York; Amber Baldet, JP Morgan’s working group; and by Merck Group Fabian Wahl is responsible for the health care working group.n
nIn the case of CoinDesk’s understanding of the agenda, Faura and Jeremy Millar, Chairman of the Committee of Members, respectively, respectively, and each Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Working Group were invited to speak.n
nAlthough the meeting was not open to journalists, according to Faura, the focus of the discussion was on how teams would work to develop standards to ensure that many of the independent projects involved could interoperate with each other.n
nAnd because the focus of the alliance is interoperability, so each member can choose any way to build. Faura, head of the R u0026 D department at the San Rand Bank block chain, said the current members are using Monax, Parity and Quorum.n
nHe continued:n
nn”These working groups are not technically in nature, and of course they may explore technical implications, but they do not build other forms of etherways, and what they do is discuss how to use the etherravers in their own circumstances.”n
nPopulation diversityn
nAt the same time revealed the non-profit organization of more than 150 members in accordance with the breakdown of the list.n

nAs a result of this diversity (not only across industry, but across languages ​​and borders), Faura said that another priority issue at the conference was to create a management model of how its members were associated with the working groups and how each of the working groups had Interrelated, and how the working groups are associated with the organization as a whole.n
nAt present, the process of rule-making is achieved through the traditional way, but also requires a certain degree of distributed interoperability. To this end, Faura said the teams are considering using block-chain technology to vote in a more reliable manner.n
nHowever, the ultimate goal is to create a feedback loop mechanism that supports the technological developments that members implement. But this has not yet been formally established, and on the contrary is to rely on a more organic way to pass lessons.n
n”As time goes by, we may get something we can use, for example, if the action team may integrate the test network so that other workgroups can work on it,” Faura said.n
nn”In the future, we may be more serious to explore, but now, these are still at the discussion level.”n

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