EOS Samsung | weekly purse or support EOS; REX the latest version of Hash Baby has the most stable; heat up to the first (3.18-3.24)

 EOS Samsung | weekly purse or support EOS; REX the latest version of Hash Baby has the most stable; heat up to the first (3.18-3.24)

Events this week

This week EOS prices fell 4.21%, market capitalization to maintain fifth; Samsung Galaxy block chain key storage system or will add support for EOS; EOS Authority said, Block.one released REX-RC3 version is currently has the most stable, the next version is the final version of Dapp or EOS; the market is relatively warmer last week, adult website Hash Baby last week heat, week number of transactions and the total number of users are on the list.

Secondary market

 EOS Samsung | weekly purse or support EOS; REX the latest version of Hash Baby has the most stable; heat up to the first (3.18-3.24)

Source: Coinmarketcap

According to Coinmarketcap EOS, the total market value of about $3 billion 307 million, a decline of 3.9%, ranking fifth weeks to maintain.

This week EOS opened to $3.80, continue to fall concussion, on the afternoon of March 20th and March 22nd 18 at 0:49 in the evening fell to the lowest point of 3.62 dollars, eventually closing at $3.64, down 4.21% weeks.


1, the main data

The main EOS maximum TPS was 3996 per second (@EOS Flare);

The main EOS account number 855673, growth of 42792 compared to last week’s account (@EOS Flare);

The contract number 3792, compared to last week to increase by 55 (@EOS Pacific);

The number of tokens of 33083373, compared to last week increased 65 (@EOS Park);

RAM latest price 0.0502 EOS/KB weeks (@EOS Flare) by 0.79%;

The price of CPU 0.0076 EOS/ms weeks, the overall price unchanged (@EOS Titan);

Node election turnout was 46.99%, down 0.01% compared to last week (@EOS Authority).

Floor 2, technical progress and Application

[EOSIO.CDT 1.6.0] March 22nd release update, Block.one update version of EOSIO.CDT1.6.0 in Github, in this version, the intelligent development contract focus on providing automation, debugging tools, new features to create better friendly experience.

[Samsung Galaxy block chain key storage system or will add support for EOS] according to Cypherglass reports, Bancor recently announced that with the new Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + block chain key storage system. Samsung block chain store currently only Ethernet key square, or will soon increase bitcoin and EOS and other encryption currency support.

CCID [global public technology assessment chain EOS ranked first in the base of comprehensive assessment] technology, application and innovation of Public Research Institute CCID monthly chain block chain period, with EOS based technology and innovation capacity of the high score, ranking first.

[EOS] ranked first in the CoinMarketCap basic code assets Coinmarketcap scores on their website to add basic password (FCAS – Fundamental Crypto asset score Asset Score, encryption, the basic asset score) score evaluation criteria for active users, developers, market maturity. EOS is currently in FCAS ranked first, followed by ETH and BTC.

3, dynamic node

[EOS VC and the South Korean Ministry of investment company NEOPLY announced a joint acceleration plan] node EOSeoul EOS VC South Korea announced that South Korea will work with the investment company NEOPLY EOS block chain cooperation to promote the creative enterprise development, to participate in the investment projects including Player One, TTC Cosmos, Sentinel protocol, Content protocol and Protocol chain Terra.

[EOS Detroit DAPP] announced support for DAPP network through a network called DAPP Services Provider (DSP) of the new node, provide a more economical alternative for developers of EOS resources. DSP cluster EOS Detroit is currently being tested. It is reported that the first product vRAM: DAPP network is a decentralized storage solutions, is expected to reduce EOS developers running its DAPP required EOS RAM resources.

4, dynamic project

[EOS Authority: the latest release of the REX-RC3 version of the most stable by EOS Authority] on the REX-RC3 version of the code test. EOS Authority said the latest version of the code is currently has the most stable, did not find any problems, just a convenient UI developer improvement suggestions. EOS Authority said he expects and predicts the next version may be deployed to the EOS network of the actual REX version.

5, around the tool

[Transit API Lynx] support plug-in development according to IMEOS reports, Transit announced the API plug-in development, support Lynx wallet to date, including Ledger and Scatter, EOS Lynx Transit API supports third wallets. Transit API is the most simple method would provide outdated technology for dApp. As a developer, there is no need to search for and support many different signatures provide procedures, hardware equipment and wallet. Developers in the following links to download or create new plug-ins to use.

The exchange will be compatible with all WAX resources [DAPP] EOS WAX is expected to be released in 2019 years at the end of the two quarter, it is not only fully to the center, also will be open source, compatible with all EOS dapp.

EOS [email service dMail or will soon be on the line in the Youtube] Cypherglass team released a video based, can see the operation of the service. Sent by EOS in block chain mail, there is no further information, the prediction will soon launch.

6, security

This week, Chengdu found an chain block chain security situation awareness system Beosin-Eagle Eye justjiezhan1 to EOS detection, hacker attack and guessing game cubecontract has been profitable. The methods of attack for transaction blocking attacks.


1, super node election

According to EOSPark data, the number of EOS network over 84 million registered accounts, the number of nodes for 527, compared with the last week of the new 4.

The EOS node campaign, according to the EOS TITAN and EOS Authority data, so far, the current total of 48745 EOS accounts to participate in the elections (than last week 451 new accounts), invested about 272 million EOS, accounting for 26.19% of the total equity of EOS (similar to the voter turnout, the percentage is higher, the network is considered more secure), compared to last week increased by 0.07%; the total amount of equity which proxy voting accounted for 2.54% (the percentage is higher, the more likely that too much power in the hands of a few people), down 0.03% compared to last week.

According to Blocks.io data show that 21 super node, Chinese, 9 finalists: second, third fire currency pool starteos, fifth zbeos, Tenth EOS, Canon twelfth eosflytomars, thirteenth EOS cochain, fourteenth HelloEOS, eighteenth EOS, twentieth EOSBEIJING in Shenzhen.

The relative ranking slightly last week in the pool, starteos, fire currency ore eosflytomars rose 1, zbeos rose 2; EOS cochain, Shenzhen EOS fell 1; HelloEOS fell 4.

2, DApp

  • Data list

At present, EOS DApp accumulated to 394, compared to last week added 13.

 EOS Samsung | weekly purse or support EOS; REX the latest version of Hash Baby has the most stable; heat up to the first (3.18-3.24)

This week, in addition to list EOS Kights (game), Endless Game (Bo Cai), PokerEOS (Bo Cai) in addition to the old faces, adult website Hash Baby continuation of the rising momentum of development, 7 total users rose to first, in addition to 7, the total number of transactions also soared to second; total Bo Cai game Zion.games 7 trading day this week rose to first, but decreased in the number of users and the number of transactions; another Bo Cai game EOS Bet was in the ascendant, the total number of transactions in 7 days, a total of 7 days and 7 days of trading user growth, respectively 5.06%, 148%, 11.08%. EOS Samsung | weekly purse or support EOS; REX the latest version of Hash Baby has the most stable; heat up to the first (3.18-3.24)

This week the above parameters increase prominent attention increased obviously in DApp: Hash Baby (other), Chintai, Go Dapp Black (other) Jack (Bo Cai), Go Dapp Crazy Dice (Bo Cai). Among them, Hash Baby continuation of last week’s heat, slowdown; Chintai EOS Go Dapp token rental platform; series of games are this week a new game, but the heat cycle is not long, recently declined state data.

According to Spidestore data, without considering the amount of brush case, about 99845 people live on the week.

 EOS Samsung | weekly purse or support EOS; REX the latest version of Hash Baby has the most stable; heat up to the first (3.18-3.24)

  • The latest news

[Chintai] Chintai released an updated version of the roadmap in the new roadmap, uses the method of “Lease Everything”, which will allow to exchange any monetary assets in any currency”. In addition to other functions, 2 update will also introduce an integrated REX interface and OTC leasing. The future, Chintai plans to launch the cross chain leasing, NFT (alternative tokens) leasing and dApp bond market, Chintai CHEX will “as Chintai exchange tokens within the ecosystem based tokens of all market economy.”

[DAppKARMA and Effect.Al] Effect.Al cooperation provides a combination of machine learning according to the needs of human intelligent collaboration platform, Effect Force can promote KARMA automation and micro extension of specific tasks, these tasks can be quickly extended to micro day millions of tasks.

[ITAM] ITAM Store Store will be launched in March 28th will be launched in March 28th, ITAMStore is a EOS based mobile game slip, providing the block chain for different game game player.

3, the progress of the referendum

The referendum, as of the evening of 10, there are 92 proposals were put forward, compared with the last week of the new 5 proposals.

1, for the operation of EOS network and build DApp to create a video tutorial;

2, EOS Network with enough memory;

3, a coin;

4, whether to fund “CVIB proposal: BP is used to ensure the integrity of the Oracle solution (the proposal to create a special testing network, in which all paid BP candidates will be required to run a full node. In the test network, all participating in BP, regardless of whether or not in the top 21 in the main row, will turn to them).

5, BP: the mechanism of the rotation mechanism is assigned a voting slot, randomly selected standby BP, and place them in the 21. Automatic coordination of all agents involved in the standby BP by random select the same.

  • List of proposals

The participation of the top three include proposals:

 EOS Samsung | weekly purse or support EOS; REX the latest version of Hash Baby has the most stable; heat up to the first (3.18-3.24)

This week, in addition to the second proposal “whether to abolish the ECAF, reduce the other two proposals into a number of EOS have different degree.

Big brother said

BM: only when the public are selected as educated real, voting is important

The evening of March 17th to midnight, BM once again appeared to share his views for the telegraph group, the voting system and said: 1. whether small or big, can put the voting system into the EOS chain, a chain every day with 100 million votes, he is able to do each choose a chain, of course there is no need to cast all the votes in a day; 2. only when the public really choose to do good education, it is important to vote.

BB: block chain can bring everyone into their bank

Block.one CEO BB tweeted that block chain can bring everyone into their bank. Subsequently, community members said: “only in the EOS this platform to restore the account, but there is a big risk in the BTC chain.” This BB responded: “it’s just the lack of infrastructure, once you can hold BTC in the main EOS online, can realize the integration of innovation and reduce differences.”

BB questioned Dapp trading volume data field

Sun Yuchen on Twitter to share an article published in the bitcoinexchangeguide article and said that the wave field Dapp trading volume of the ether and EOS Fang inferior by comparison, were almost five times as. BB posted blocktivity.info statistics blockchain activity index ranking screenshot, EOS ranked first, and replied: “what they call the” volume “data come from?”

BB: block chain technology will cut 95% of the profits of social media

3 19, Block.one CEO BB tweeted that block chain technology will cut 95% social media profits, because users withdrawing from Facebook is not only their personal privacy.

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