Ernst u0026 Young held a chain block in India

nnnDuring the runaway: Ernst u0026 Young held a chain-chain hacker marathon at the Bombay Stock Exchange in India, motivating developers to come up with the best possible conditions, developing applications that could solve social problems, and providing expert guidance to developers. Will be in the future of other branches in the world for such competitions, while in New York to create a chain-chain laboratory, to fill the London and India Innovation Center.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nOn July 28-30, Ernst u0026 Young, one of the members of the Bitcoin Association of Switzerland, hosted the first block chain hackers at the Bombay Stock Exchange in India.n
nErnst u0026 Young India official Farokh Balsara said that the spread of this disruptive technology in the world has brought opportunities and challenges to the enterprise.n
nn”The rapid progress of disruptive technology to the scale of the enterprise has brought severe digital challenges, as well as new opportunities.”n
nnThree days of hackers Marathon will focus on the development of various social problems in prototypes and solutions, and the company also plans to conduct similar games in different offices around the world.n
nSankin Seth of Ernst u0026 Young, India, said that the chain chain has the ability to provide direct solutions in areas such as financial services, telecommunications and government services.n
nBlockchair Hackathon is the form of competition, inventors, developers, designers can participate in the use of block-based development of prototype applications.n
nThe technology has just started, so there is little understanding of its ecological operations.n
nThe marathon will share the idea of ​​the participants and get the chance of the block chain expert.n
nThe purpose of the event is to encourage innovators and developers to stimulate their best competencies through competition and to make up for the “award-winning solutions” that can be sold through a decentralized and innovative solution to different social problems.n
nThe professional service provider also announced the creation of a new “block chain lab” in New York. The facility will focus on the development of financial services software based on block chain technology. The lab will complement the company’s innovation centers in London, England, and the Tiffany, Tallinn, India.n

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