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nRunaway Comment: The popularity of bitcoin is so high that the gaming industry is also seeking to capitalize on this trend to make its activities even more appealing. Lottoland, a Gibraltar-based lottery company, will hold a lottery draw in Ireland with its first prize set at 1,000 bitcoins. As the recent price trends in bitcoin continue to be good, the activity seems to attract a large number of participants.n
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The price of bitcoin nowadays feels like lottery tickets are now the same if bitcoin was bought before, while Lottoland, a Gibraltar lottery company, set a prize of 1000 bitcoin for its recent lottery draw in Ireland.n
Given the rising value of bitcoin, it is no surprise that Lottoland set the lottery prize winner’s first prize as Bitcoin in this year’s news headlines. While cryptocurrencies have been well received by the gaming community in the past, Lottoland’s lottery this time seems to be the highest-profile application of Bitcoin so far.n
Lottoland announced that there will be a draw every day except Sundays with a first prize of 1000 bitcoins worth about 14.2 million euros. Irish people are already familiar with this form of sweepstakes. The people involved in the event need to select six numbers from 1 to 49, and the odds of winning the jackpot are 14000000: 1.n
Graham Ross, Lottoland manager, said:n
n”Bitcoin is a world-class phenomenon and Lottoland offers clients the opportunity to participate.”n
nHowever, there are also tweets that buy bitcoin worth 3.5 euros a week may be more profitable than a weekly lottery costing 3.5 euros to participate in a lottery with a 14,000,000: 1 chance of winning.n
Lottoland, an online lottery company in Gibraltar, entered the Irish market in March this year and is now seizing the opportunity to use bitcoin fanatics to promote its own sweepstakes. As bitcoin prices hover around a record high of nearly $ 20,000, investors are wondering exactly how much room for growth in such new blockchain-based things and with warnings about bubbles and fraud, Holding bitcoin itself is a high-risk gamble.n
The first raffle will be held on Sunday at 8:30 pm and consumers will have to pay 3.5 euros to participate.n

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