Escape from slavery Road: free association of free men: self cooperation

 Escape from slavery Road: free association of free men: self cooperation This article from: Mr. Newton (ID:Mr-Newton), dismantling the blockchain Author: Mr. Newton, qigong, the daily planet authorized forwarding.

Do not ask why they both free and to obey the law, because the law is only our own will record.

The law is only a combination of social conditions. Obey the laws of the people should be legal provisions of the creator; social conditions, only those people in society. – Rousseau

Fortunately we live in this era, has witnessed a great miracle:

A just operators near, founder of “run away” organization;

Each country suffered dogged, countless times by numerous mainstream economists and mainstream institutions declared “Ponzi scheme” organization;

Many times was found dead, but the magic has been living for ten years the organization;

And this ten years, the organization expanded to tens of millions of people, the highest market value of $350 billion, approximately equal to the market value of banks and ICBC + China.

Undoubtedly, bitcoin is free, and has been tested by the market for ten years.

According to the characteristics of bitcoin further thinking and discussion, we found the company system, the next generation of self – organization association.

What is the self association?

In simple terms, since the association is free to cooperate free people.

Strictly speaking, since the association is open and transparent, automatic execution, can not be tampered with the contract based on the formation of the value of freedom exchange organization.

According to the above definition, we can do with the dismantling of each word:


To understand the self association, we must first understand the word “contract”.

Here is a quote from the former people’s Bank of China digital currency director Yao Qian on contract definition: “contract refers to both parties concerning the rights and obligations of the arrangement, each time the market can be seen as a contract signed with the performance, from this perspective, the market is composed of many contractual relationship.”

Since the association is surrounded by a specific set of contract formation organization.

Open and transparent

Since the co contract itself is open and transparent, everyone can see from all the details of the contract agreement;

Since the performance of the contract is co open and transparent, everyone can see from all the specific progress from CO co contract implementation.

At the same time, since the contract is not restricted to co signed, anyone can at any time to sign, can also terminate at any time.

In other words, anyone can join at any time since the association, you can leave at any time, can leave at any time after adding.

Automatic execution

This is the difference between a point in the market of other enterprises is very important, since the co contract can be performed automatically without manual intervention.

Professor Zhou Qiren Coase in the property of the enterprise “the dismantling,” said enterprise contract rights and obligations is completely without prior definition, the buyer shall have the right to contract elements in the process of adding a special provisions of the contract, so the enterprise contract is full of uncertainty, incomplete, continuously in the process of the execution the need for human intervention.

Since the co contract are carried out automatically, so it is doomed to self association of the contract are relatively complete contract”.

Can not be tampered with

When I say the word, surely someone will ask, what technology can do can not be tampered with?

Frankly, I don’t love this word can not be tampered with, the moment of the word propaganda let many people understand bias, so must use a long word to describe to the meaning of the expression.

When we say that the contract, some more than one participant, you don’t need to sign a contract with you. So, since the co contract is more like a convention on the main bodies.

Here to express can not be tampered with, precisely speaking, you can’t tamper with the other main contract, other subjects can not tamper with your contract.

However, everyone can change the contract itself, such changes usually lead to bifurcation, bifurcation and after what people in the same self association, depending on what people support the contract after the bifurcation.

Here is a special case, is that we have changed the contract and after the reform of the contract are exactly the same, obviously we are still the same self association, this is the iteration we often say “”.

Since the Concorde three different

Then, since the association of this form of organization, and, in the end what is different?

First of all, the concept of our first clear the main body of the market, the main market is engaged in trading activities of organizations and individuals on the market.

As has been said, the market is composed of many contractual relationship. Each contract relationship, every transaction is taking place between the two main market.

 Escape from slavery Road: free association of free men: self cooperation Before self association, the main body in the market is people and companies, so we may wish to also join and contrast, it is helpful to understand:

 Escape from slavery Road: free association of free men: self cooperation

From the comparison, we can conclude from the association and the company’s different, namely Zero Zero Zero assets, employee, boss.

Zero employee

What is the staff?

According to Kos described in the “nature of enterprise” in an article: “all that is stated in the contract is required the person supplying the goods and services, and supply the details of the requirements not stated in the contract, is decided later by the purchaser. When the flow of resources (within the limits of the contract) becomes dependent on the buyer in this way, I call it “the relationship between enterprises’ popularity”.

So we can think of, to the human capital and the company signed a “scope, but the buyer can increase the performance of the rules in the incomplete contract, the owner of human capital is the company’s employees.

As previously mentioned, since co contract is without manual intervention, automatic implementation of the “relatively complete contract”, different companies and employees expressed by Coase’s contract, therefore there is no self association staff.

Zero assets

Self association as a main body of the market, there is no ownership of assets.

 Escape from slavery Road: free association of free men: self cooperation The relationship between self association and assets, we can use the airbnb example to understand, there are a large number of houses on the airbnb, but these houses do not belong to airbnb.

Self association is the same, not a bitcoin mining machine belongs to the bitcoin self association.

Here, people will ask, bitcoin algorithm and data to calculate the assets?

Bitcoin algorithm and data are open and transparent, can be copied. Nature is like air, can not be counted as assets.

So, since the contract, data association, are not self association as assets.

Some people will ask, bitcoin itself does not code, bitcoin assets? Here comes the bitcoin is referred to as coin, is the balance of bitcoin in books.

In this misunderstanding is easy, since there is no association of assets, but does not represent the self society production assets.

As the old proverb: the shoemaker made a life of leather shoes, have had a double.

Bitcoin bitcoin production of the organization itself, but can’t control every bitcoin’s whereabouts, only to like bitcoin holders; the organization is not dominated, only the miners like ability.

So bitcoin itself is coin assets, but does not belong to the bitcoin self association.

In summary, we find that ownership does not have any assets from the association, so the concept of self association itself does not have any “ownership”.

Zero boss

What is the boss, sometimes refers to the shareholders, sometimes refers to entrepreneurs.

Since the association itself does not have the concept of ownership concept, so naturally, without shareholders.

The entrepreneur is a center of the governance role in the self association in which does not exist.

When we said that since the co governance, governance what are we talking about?

Because human beings can not exhaustive of all possible situations, even if the cost is not accepted, so the contract is not complete. Therefore according to the contract concluded the earliest when there is no clear responsibility, we need people to govern.

In addition, with the change of time, already set a good contract may also be iterative, this part also need people to manage.

Since the association is how to manage it? I called it “completely independent”.

The first is democratic, since members of the organization will co according to the contribution of different different votes vote.

But since the association to provide free and beyond our usual sense of democracy, because you can quit the organization at any time.

When you are completely unable to tolerate the vote, you can view and you the same person, you want to keep the original contract and the performance of the self association of new branch.

Like bitcoin, who can not change the database, who can change the database for bifurcation.

Compared with the U.S. presidential election, many people do not love Trump, but have to accept Trump election results; otherwise, only one option to join other countries to give up U.S. citizenship.

That is to say, when the traditional world person does not accept, can only leave the organization into another organization. Can’t have a copy of the original organization (except those opposite).

No boss, no ownership, management rights and because tied here, only the freedom, the freedom to vote free, which is a self zero boss Association “”.

This is the information age advantage, in order to achieve a complete autonomy, realize a bottom-up governance. Only in this way can ensure the maximum degree of individual freedom.

Since the 6’s role

Through the above description, we can have a clearer understanding of the roles of self association.

Since the co contract usually through a computer program to take the form of presentation, namely “algorithm + data”.

Self association as the main body of the market we mentioned above, more accurately speaking, refers to the self association procedure is the main body of the market.

Around since co program has 6 roles: managers, developers, providers, Token force holders, contract, contract the buyer seller.

 Escape from slavery Road: free association of free men: self cooperation

Everyone here can also played multiple roles, such as miners (bitcoin hashrate provider) is the holder of the Token.

The role of both the self association may be some of the same group of people. For example, according to the number of holders of Token governance, Token governance is the holder.

Every self association is a free market

So, why is the self association?

Since the association is truly meet the needs of the organization form of the free market.

We recall that several major premise of the free market:

Property rights guarantee, non compulsory, free competition (non monopoly).

On property right that past property rights is guaranteed through a control by a few people from the center of the organization, and assist through an open and transparent, automatic execution, not tampering with the contract, the first time the performance of the contract to a third party other than the people, a greater degree of protection the personal property right.

This is an important point in the information era, because the production of the information age into data, and our data never belongs to us: my search records do not belong to me, my WeChat chat does not belong to me, the business shop also does not belong to the business center, this all belong to provide service.

Master Hongqi, here is very helpful to understand: the so-called personal data in our mouth, is our survival state of the body in the data; all data generated by our actions, we are online, data of a certain organ or cell body.”

It is not difficult to understand, we are part of the data center is flesh, institutions are enslaved.

As a new era of self association organization, the first to break the shackles of slavery, but also people with free (data).

A non compulsory discussion is easy to understand, here no longer, because everyone in the self association are equal, with freedom of choice and always opt out of power, so no one can force the other party.

There has never been a form of organization, can guarantee the free competition. No external force can interfere with the operation rules of self association, since the association is a kind of bottom-up governance model, from the inside out.

There is no subject to self association to form a monopoly, because of the unique governance model completely independent “free exit mechanism, you can count the 51% monopoly power, but I can always bifurcation.

The misunderstanding about the free market

Just grab a learned economics, can tell you a lot of confidence, the core of the market mechanism is price mechanism. But I think it is this sentence, people become misleading.

First of all we have to clear what the price is, the price is a form of currency, as a value of digital goods and services and assets.

Therefore, has been talking about the price when they cannot do without money. Because in the past, barter efficiency is too low, so the money serves as a medium of exchange. While early currency, both gold and silver or silk cloth, are relatively dispersed, is relatively free.

 Escape from slavery Road: free association of free men: self cooperation But now the world currency, are basically sovereign credit currency, is also a center of the issuance of currency, rely on credit endorsement. The basic characteristics of sovereign currency: monopoly, exclusive, forced, this is actually a serious breach of the spirit of the free market, but in the sense that inherited the early silver currency “feel free”, finally to all mislead.

So, the truth is: Based on sovereign credit currency markets are not free market.

In fact, since the association is the embodiment of the market itself

We may wish to take out the view of a transaction model back to the simplicity of the above mentioned.

What is the market price mechanism, the two object refers to (for the exchange of goods and services etc.) the exchange rate mechanism between, so the price mechanism described here, easier to understand for the free exchange rate mechanism.

When we deal, what is trading in the US?

The transaction is: (market object A x risk A x A x) trading volume exchange ratio Y = B x B x object market risk trading volume B.

Assess the exchange ratio of Y, generally involving transactions accounted for the proportion of the total market object.

The formula is difficult, we can use examples: the stock market in addition to the share price, but also on the total number of shares, the overall market capitalization, this is what.

In addition, when we are in a transaction object, often accompanied by risks, it also has a strong correlation with the exchange rate. Buy oranges, orange peel, orange flesh intact, also may decay.

To understand this formula from the angle of CO, can be disassembled into:

Seller: (market object A x risk A x A x) trading volume exchange ratio A = 1 Token x risk C

Buyer: 1 Token x D (B = risk market risk object x B) x B x exchange trading volume ratio of B

We use bitcoin as an example, the mine owners to provide computing power, which is the object of A;

Is for short-term contract, at any time withdraw, after verification, so there is almost no risk (risk A = 1);

A trading volume is the size of the force;

The exchange ratio of A and C risk is determined by a dynamic rule, the mechanism of mining bitcoin, output every 10 minutes a block, calculate the priority subject of the hash value of the block, they can get a certain amount of bitcoin (now 12.5) reward. Other subjects can not get anything in return.

The buyer also similarly, for every transaction, to the bitcoin network record, to pay the appropriate fee to the network.

 Escape from slavery Road: free association of free men: self cooperation See, every self association is a small market, and Token is the currency market.

Since the association does not affect the freedom of every person under the condition of providing a different subject cross time mismatch, improve the efficiency of transaction.

So, every self association is a higher efficiency of free market.

Self association is the free market API

Since the association itself is a nonlinear system, since the contract is the CO system equation. The transaction object, as the unknowns in the equation.

In the day to give money in a proper analogy, suddenly flashes, money is not a API in the market?

Every self association is a free market, each one is thrown into a self association of the market API.

In the foreseeable future, the market will be more and more detailed division of labor, and self Association contract, will also usher in a professional contract. Since the smallest unit of each Co, is a free market for specific segments, the self association responsible for the music, the responsible for the game, every zixie like a string, all the strings are connected together, constitute the entire market.

 Escape from slavery Road: free association of free men: self cooperation

Theodore I said: “there is no free order and no order of freedom, just as destructive.”

Since the association, freedom and cooperation of free people, is a free order, but also the order of freedom.

Q M.

“Self association” part is some questions about self association problem, to clarify these problems, we will be easier to understand and use the self association. Some of them are not had time to answer, or now is still relatively vague bad questions, so stay open for everyone to think.

Since 1.’s boundary in where? Since you have how old?

As mentioned above, each self association is a free market.

While the market is composed of many contractual relationship. Also can be understood, the market is composed of completed transactions, a transaction being carried out, and the potential transaction.

For certain types of products constitute a market transaction.

So, since the association is much, do not correspond to the market subdividing?

Focusing on a specific song form a market, can also form a market for jazz music, can also form a market for all music. Since the co localization depends on its boundary.

In addition, since the association can simultaneously by a number of market structures, can contain both jazz music, also contains rock.

2. what kind of person will form a self association?

The same problem for certain types of transactions of products, make a market.

So, this kind of product in the transaction, or the transaction services, constitutes a self association.

Is the above summarized 6 roles: managers, developers, providers, Token force holders, contract, contract the buyer seller.

There is also the 3. company?

At least for a long time can be predicted within the company on the market is still an indispensable force. After all, human beings are not digital life tomorrow will happen.

4. Co’s relationship with the company?

I pay attention to the description above, since the association of participants is the main market, rather than a simple person.

You can own mining, can also set up a company to mining, for bitcoin, you have no difference, are miners.

So since the agreement inside does not exclude companies involved, but a self association is difficult to survive in a company.

5. self association, or block chain will destroy the agency?

First of all, why should eliminate intermediaries? We don’t think that intermediary, are driving up the bluff and deceive If there is no money in this market reap profits from, intermediary, all transactions are barter, the efficiency of the world should have low.

In addition, since the association is not to the intermediary, it is the biggest intermediary, the intermediary is from people are replaced by people outside of the third party.

In fact, we do not hate hate intermediary intermediary, we just bring information and intermediary market by manipulation of the black box. If the intermediary into a pile of transparent code, you will hate him so much?

6. the first step to establish a self association is what?

We must first clear the self association why exist, mainly need to think clearly there are two points: goals and principles.

It is recommended to clear after the goal and principle of the self association in the “Declaration”. This is the soul of the organization, is basically not changed.

This is why many of the existing block chain project problems, what time did the head with a detailed white paper. Everything seems reasonable, but with the development of the time will go wrong.

Record industry made VC people can understand, the white paper is BP ah, you do not allow a team to change BP, only that they did not progress, how will not be out of the market?

Therefore, the white paper is certain to change, but not the declaration.

7. what are the self association case?

8. since the association only in the world of bits?

9. what is the difference from the Union?

10. since the union DAO is what is the difference? DAO (Dcententralize Autonomous Oganization) to the center of the autonomous organization

11. since the union DAC what is the difference? DAC (Dcententralize Autonomous Corporation) to the center of the autonomy of company

12. since the Union community what is the difference?

13. since the union Marx proposed “free people” what is the difference?

14. how people join zixie incentive?

15. what industry is more suitable for the self association?

Since the 16. at this stage whether CO empowerment entity?

17. co profit?

18. pure financial investors how to join the self association?

19. how to return the sponsors (including self association rules designers, and developers)?

20. since the association of this form of organization only in this category of economy? From the angle of the whole society, will lead to change?

21. self co stable? Since the co ordered? Self association equilibrium?

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