Estonia will not issue digital currency

nnnPost Comment: Estonian Electronic Citizenship Program, including the idea of ​​issuing national currency. Estcoin allows Estonian citizens to do business around the world. However, the ECB president is not optimistic about the idea of ​​issuing a digital currency in Estonia, because the euro area only accept the euro circulation, it is impossible to allow other countries currency. And the current international regulatory situation changes, although the attitude of different countries, but the basic choice to shelve the idea of ​​issuing digital money.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nEuropean central bank governor Mario Draghi heard news reports Estonia is considering issuing a digital currency. Draghi quickly pointed out that the national currency was not suitable for the euro area.n
nn”No member country can introduce their own currency, the euro zone currency is the euro.”n
nEstcoin was rejectedn
nThe idea comes from Kaspar Korjus, chairman of the Estonian Electronic Citizenship Program, who says “Estcoin” can be used as a domestic digital currency, which allows national citizens to take digital documents anywhere in the world.n
nThe adoption of Estcoin will represent the milestone of the encrypted currency, marking the popularity of encrypted currency applications. However, despite the potential issue of the national issue of digital currency, the euro area can not let Estcoin advance. China’s recent ban on ICO, the global attitude towards the ICO began to diversify. But the idea of ​​issuing a digital currency has been temporarily put on hold.n

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