Ethereum, Ruibo currency, Litecoin into Bloomberg terminal

nBankruptcy comment: Financial data firm Bloomberg terminal as early as 2014 to provide bitcoin price data, recently noted that the etheric ether, Swiss currency, Litecoin strong upward trend in prices, so added three cryptocurrencies. All prices shown are based on Bitstamp, the Luxembourg exchange.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
In addition to bitcoin, financial services firm Bloomberg has added three new cryptographic currencies, the ethernet, ripple, and Litecoin, to Terminal Services.n
Wealth reports, informed sources said the new price data for these is to explore new tools for foreign exchange traders.n
They also noted that the new cryptocurrency data provided by Bloomberg terminals came from Bitstamp, the Luxembourg exchange.n
In April 2014, Bloomberg added bitcoin prices to its professional services, which were disclosed in June of that year from the itBit exchange.n
The move comes as Bitcoin prices soar as many alternative crypto-currency prices soar. Ribo tokens XRP prices reached a new high, close to 90 cents, while both the ether and Litecoin have reached new highs.n
Bloomberg Terminal provides registrants with real-time financial data so they can place orders on the electronic trading platform. The system also provides news and communication services.n

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