Ethernet Square Agreement – Achieve the Ether Square Expansion Agreement via Cosmos Network

Translation: Clovern

At the end of the third annual global block chain summit, we have reached a consensus on the common roadmap with Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Poon at the New Roundtable Roundtable of the APF Alliance. In our fund-raising event that ended in April this year, we have received strong support from our broad stakeholders, and we received more ETHs during the period, compared to the number of BTCs received. We think this reflects the enthusiasm of the company’s Cosmos community.n
In addition, since the Cosmos network has been optimized for equity proofs, we believe that working with the APF community and further advancing the APF expansion solution on the Cosmos platform is mutually beneficial for the two ecosystems. As the ecomiers have not yet had the final expansion solution, which makes the Ether Square can benefit from the help of Cosmos.n
Our goal is to create a tokens center that can serve as a basis for experimentation and first-order expansion. The ethercom intelligent contract system perfectly fits our block-chain communication protocol called “cross-chain communication (IBC)”.n
As of September 15, the Shanghai agreement reached as follows:n
nThe straddle-based foundation will support the creation of an anchored partition for the Ether Square (we are recruiting staff). The current anchored ETH is the Cosmos roadmap with the highest priority.n
nnATOM will not have any conflicts with ETH.n
nnWe want to create a separate cost tokens. We will use the “hard spoon” etherfront as a separate zone, and its tokens will be the second token to be included in the Cosmos Hub fee payment whitelist. The hard spoon is a way to create a new encrypted currency using the current balance of the existing currency. In the future, our governance system will also approve more such tolls.n
nnCosmos Hub’s design goal is to achieve the final decision through a large number of verification nodes (universal, border intelligence and secret ape technology has been registered as Cosmos verification node). Even after the completion of the Casper and Ethernet booth expansion, there may be more use of Cosmos performance enhancements in the use of ether square use cases.n
nnNot only ETH, we will also support cross-chain ERC20 tokens, because the ERC20 token has now been officially approved as an EIPn
nnWe also support Plasma on the Ethermint partition. We look forward to working with Joseph Poon on the Cosmos-SDK to complete the implementation of Plasma.n
nnWe are also looking for cooperation with OmiseGO (OMG) to quickly expand the fully distributed exchanges on the Etherbus / Plasma.n
nWe also look forward to Casper. When Casper is ready, we will give it the same support.n
Vitalik’s point of view:n
n* We support people to build their own networks and anchor them by anchoring tokens or more secure forms of plasma, or otherwise connected to the ethertop. We look forward to this way to achieve the ether base base chain can not achieve the idea.n
* Developers of these networks can get the freedom to find ways to profit. Yes, you can fund the independent development of the infrastructure, and at the same time is still a member of the ether square family.n
* The idea of ​​Hard spoon is very attractive, and we think that in the long run, the idea of ​​anchoring tokens is even more exciting. Although it is quite difficult to achieve this for technical reasons, I think the situation will be improved.n
“Nice to see Cosmos look ahead in this direction.” – Vitalik Buterinn

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