EU chain chain start-up companies to invest over 5 million euros

nnnStorms: Six start-ups that have developed or researched block-chain applications have received € 5 million in investment from the Horizon 2020 Innovation Program. One of the three companies with the most investment is about digital identity and payment applications. In addition, the European Commission also has a “social public sector chain” competition and the founder of “block chain observation station” plan.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nEU 5 million euros (about 6 million US dollars) to invest in various types of chain-chain project start-up companies.n
nAccording to public information, six start-up companies that have developed or researched block-chain applications have so far invested in the Horizon 2020 innovation program.n
nLast week, the European Commission’s Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Group details the work of three of the start-up companies: Signaturit, Authenteq and The Billon Group will develop applications such as digital identity and payment.n
nHorizon 2020 data show that the EU has invested 5,471,131 euros to these start-up companies. Three of these investments are more than € 1 million and the other three are invested in € 50,000.n
nThe project is one of the focus of the EU block chain work. Last month, the European Commission said it plans to organize the “Blockchains for Social Good” competition and co-hosted with Horizon 2020. European researchers expect the project to invest in money-related projects.n
nAt the beginning of the year, the European Commission began preparations for the so-called Blockchain Observatory, as a research and outreach office for block chain technology work.n

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