EU ConsenSys unveils blockchain observatories and forums

nRunaway Comment: “The EU Blockchain Observatories and Forums” was launched by the European Commission last year and has been officially launched by ConsenSys, a well-known Ethereum startup. In its statement, the European Commission affirmed ConsenSys’ role, stating that while focusing on the new technology in blockchain, the organization is also focusing on the development of prominent startups in the industry. In summary, the European Commission hopes that through this cooperation, more exchanges will be held with participants in the industry to take full advantage of technological advantages to help grow the European market.n
nTranslation: Inan
ConsenSys, one of the most prominent start-ups in Ethereum’s ecosystem, will partner with the European Commission on the EU’s Blockchain Observatory and Forum, which was launched just last Thursday.n
The European Commission first announced the plan last spring, stating its desire to broaden the institutional knowledge of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.n
The Commission announced its cooperation with ConsenSys in a statement on Thursday. “As an important participant in the blockchain community, ConsenSys will be committed to the development of the blockchain, providing expertise and linkages with the global ecosystem of blockchain Provide business start-ups with the EU and the world’s stakeholders and experts to exchange. “n
ConsenSys is a global company that develops software primarily for the Ethereum blockchain, founded by Joseph Lubin. CoinDesk introduced the founder in his article “The Most Influential People in the Blockchain 2017” series.n
The Commission’s statement highlighted its desire to use the blockchain to benefit the single European market and noted that the main objective of the Observatory and Forum was to work on the basis of existing projects to ensure that they cross borders Operation.n
Mariya Gabriel, member of the Digital Economy and Social Sector, commented:n
n”I think blockchain is a transformational factor and I want Europe to be at the forefront of development and we need to create a suitable enabling environment – a blockchain digital single market rather than a mix of projects, So that all citizens can benefit from it.The EU blockchain observatories and forums are an important step in this direction. “n
nValdis Dombrovskis, vice chairman of the European Commission’s team responsible for financial stability, financial services and the coalition of capital markets, had previously commented on the EU’s interest in blockchain technology and said the observatory will guide the EU’s decision-making.n
He praised the concept of blockchain technology and said: “Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize financial services and markets among the many technologies driving digital innovation.”n

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