EU Financial Services Committee: “At this stage there is no plan to respond to bitcoin”

nComment: Recently, the EU has included the definition of “digital currency” in the EU’s anti-money laundering law, which has led to speculation that the EU is enough whether it is considering the monitoring of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. However, EU financial commissioner Pierre Moscovici unequivocally answered the question in an interview with Francine Lacqua on the television show “broadcast”, stating that the EU’s political institutions now think Bitcoin is not an alternative currency and that at this stage Not yet intend to respond to bitcoin, but also did not carry out regulatory talks.n
nTranslation: Clovern
Some EU member states have been discussing the popularity of the centripetal currency, bitcoin, and the EU’s political institutions have recently included “digital currency” in anti-money-laundering legislation. However, in a recent interview, Pierre Moscovici, EU financial commissioner, showed that at this stage the EU has no plan to “respond” to the Bitcoin phenomenon.n
The EU adds the definition of digital currency to its existing legislation, but the commissioners said there is currently no plan to regulate bitcoinn
Bitcoin is currently sweeping the world, and various regulatory agencies and officials are conducting extensive discussions on this issue. Various polities in the United States, Asia, and the European Union have been discussing ways they can manage cryptocurrencies by banning Bitcoin businesses and exchanges. Officials in the EU are particularly concerned with issues such as terrorist financing, money laundering and tax evasion, which they consider to be areas in which cryptocurrencies may be involved. And recently unveiled reports of European lawmakers adding digital currency to the EU’s Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive, which basically treats currencies such as Bitcoin as “currency instruments.”n
Although onlookers may think the EU is “cracking down” on cryptocurrencies, EU commissioner Pierre Moscovici said the EU does not plan to regulate it at this stage.n
EU Commissioner:n
n”At this stage we do not have to respond to bitcoin.”n
nIn an interview with Francine Lacqua on the television show “broadcast,” EU financial commissioner Pierre Moscovici was specifically asked questions about Bitcoin and the regulation of digital assets.n

EU Financial Commissioner: Pierre Moscovicin
Lacqua asked the EU financial commissioner:n
n”Are you concerned about bitcoin? Did the EU plan to take action to regulate it?”n
nMoscovici replied:n
n”At this stage, we think bitcoin is not an alternative currency, nor a euro – we think there is too much speculation around Bitcoin now.”n
nThis speculation is sometimes overly active or frequent – we have studied it and analyzed the phenomenon, but we do not yet think it necessary to respond to Bitcoin as a political and technical institution at this stage.n
At this stage there is no debate on Bitcoin regulationn
Recent definitions of the EU’s Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive include digital currency and prepaid debit cards, which are not very different from those being drafted in many U.S. states. So Lacqua asked the European Commission whether politicians and regulators in the region are “discussing Bitcoin regulation.” Moscovici told the host that discussion of regulation in the region is not common now.n
Moscovici stressed:n
n”No, we do not have such discussions right now.”n

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