Europe can hear from bitcoin island of the Isle of man regards?

Europe can hear from bitcoin island of the Isle of man regards?

Located in the northwest coast of England is a strange place. There are long with four horns in sheep, no tail cat is perfect preservation of the Vitoria times steam locomotive. In addition, the island is most famous for its motorcycle rally should still hold the world’s most dangerous game ManxTT.

From London on a class 70 minutes long aircraft, a silver Mercedes Benz S class car will come to meet you. Think of my surprise, I was greeted in the grey suit, he is the ornamental and the combined plain properties of Keith, LadyChauffeurs staff, NulaPerren, it is the owner of this company. Here you may not know the purpose of my visit, I came to the Isle of man is looking for bitcoin.

LadyChauffeurs island is a received digital currency company, and on the island and other relevant digital currency companies are rapid growth. Bitcoin companies generally get together in the capital area, such as London, New York, San Francisco etc.. But the British government is trying to turn the island into the world’s most advanced technology of the furnace. There are currently 25 engaged in digital currency and massive chain technology companies located here, and this number continues to grow with.

Our Benz to the Isle of man capital city Douglas, along the way I see is on the green hills scattered flocks. Perren explained to me, they pick up service is only available to come to the island of virtual currency bitcoin enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Most of the newcomers are from the United States, Canada and Brazil young programmers and technology experts. In the past ten years, some large companies from around the world have begun to shift so far, including online poker company RationalGroup, which owns PokerStars, FullTiltPoker website, it is there for the Isle of man to become like Las Vegas and Macao online poker heavily. Although most online game companies do not accept bitcoin digital currency, but is on the island between these technology companies are very popular, some people even with startups in exchange for the effectiveness of staff work to bitcoin.

NickWilliamson is a drop from the Illinois Institute of technology of Americans, he is now a professional poker game player, is one of these people.

Williamson because of anticipated bitcoin will have a revolutionary impact on the online poker game and fascinated by this, perhaps one day, in the game no longer need a cube to decide the game. After moving to the Isle of man, leisure time he immersed in bitcoin’s source code, he started writing his own massive chain protocol. In November 2014, he left the PokerStars, came to a start-up company called Pythia, where he found the user can use the software to create their own customized bulk chain.

In order to prove that the Pythia protocol flexibility, Williamson has found another companion: the Manx government. The government is the creation of virtual currency company on the island of registry, as part of the experiment, the registry will use Pythia protocol to store in the chain block. It also allows the Manx government to become the first to use the massive chain to store official data of government in the world.

For this pilot project, BrianDonegan officials said: “this proves our loyalty, but also that we find the balance between the importance of supervision and open business model.”

Donegan see, the government was indecisive. He published some pamphlets to illustrate how to contact with bitcoin. Less than a year, the government issued a regulatory framework, and change the Manx parliament Tynwald — the establishment of this Parliament can be traced back to one thousand years ago, can be said to be the oldest in the world is still in the legal mechanism.

Virtual currency transactions must comply with the government regulations on the island of anti money laundering law, and all to the consumer first. Donegan said: “this is done in order to prevent crime, the principle of the supremacy of the interests of consumers is our.”

EricHollreiser RationalGroup is the director of communications, he said about ten years ago, he had seen the government made for online gaming policy efforts, the specification of the entire online game. Today, the government’s efforts took place in the bitcoin body, it is decided to let them to come to the island.

In addition to regulatory policy, the Isle of man and other places to attract financial technology entrepreneurs. The fiber will be the Isle of man with Ireland and the UK are connected, which provides a very good broadband. The power is strong and stable. In addition, the island’s tax policy is also very good: the company does not need to pay tax, capital gains tax, dividend tax, personal tax of up to more than 20%, more than the highest tax in Britain less than half.

The Manx government said at the same time to accommodate the rapid degree of digital currency, British and other governments as the characteristics of offshore tax and repeatedly questioned. The Isle of man, after thirty years of sustained economic growth and development of emerging technology has consistently inclusive attitude, also looking for ways to let more diversified economy. The electricity supplier (including online games) has occupied the island of GDP 20%

But do regulatory policies are not aware of the nature of bitcoin is liberalism, not to let the government control over the money? 这是马恩岛原住民CharlieWoolnough最常听到的问题。 He helped establish the bitcoin exchange CoinCorner and digital currency Association in 2014, which is the local currency group, representatives of member governments and regulators and negotiations.

Woolnough said the surrender to the bitcoin regulatory system is a widely accepted method to only degree. “Otherwise, bitcoin will only become the plaything of the underground network.” Here, he refers to the illegal websites operated by anonymous service providers. Now Woolnough39 years old, before him back to the Isle of man in London in 2013 the fund industry for ten years. After coming back, he became a bitcoin education authority, the inhabitants of the island of knowledge about bitcoin. The island’s retailers are as Woolnough introduce them to CoinCorner began to accept bitcoin.

Three days ago on the island, including the plane pick-up service, Coffee Cappuccino etc. many consumer I always pay with bitcoin. Woonough hopes the island bit than supervision at the same time, also hope that the cooperation can mainstream banks and Western europe. Like many European bitcoin digital currency exchange and service providers like CoinCorner, some Eastern European bank account bank to give customers more choice.

AdrianForbes grew up in the Isle of man, but to the UK and Ireland’s financial services sector, until 2013. In a small place also has a big advantage, he said: “you can easily see the senior government, they will listen to you, so do one thing very high efficiency.”

Unlike Forbes and Woolnough, GarethJenkins is a 35 year old programmer and game developer, at the CryptoValley summit in 2014 the first time he came to the Isle of man. He came to the island in order to increase his company EVAPlexus exposure, the company created a data storage model in the bitcoin block chain.

Jenkins soon fell in love here, he returned home in England, pack to the island. Hippie bakery, all local microbrews and ultra fast broadband speeds, the Isle of man with bitcoin needed.

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