European banks create DLT start-ups for small businesses

nnnSurrounded by: BNP Paribas, France Trust, Ouqing Bank, Societe Generale, S2IEM, CACEIS, Euronext Euronext invests in large financial institutions in Europe to set up a chain chain trading company after the start of liquidShare. For small and medium enterprises to provide transparent and secure capital market access channels.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nEuropean large financial institutions jointly set up after the transaction chain chain start-up companies, specifically for small and medium enterprises (SME).n
nIn June 2016, the participating banks developed a post-transaction infrastructure based on Distributed Document Technology (DLT), and then established a new start-up company, LiquidShare, to facilitate the entry of small and medium-sized businesses into the capital markets and reduce post-trade Cost, while increasing security and transparency.n
nThe investment beneficiaries include the European Investment Bank BNP Paribas, the Caisse des Depots, the Euroclear, Societe Generale, S2IEM and CACEIS (assets of the French Agricultural Credit Bank Management services), as well as the Euronext Euronext.n
nThese are familiar to the public for the company, many of which continue to focus on and participate in the development of block chain.n
nFor example, BNP Paribas subsidiary securities services BNP Paribas Securities Services has developed a fund allocation platform to use block-chain technology for AXA investment management. Earlier this year, Euroclear announced the expansion of its block chain gold trading platform, the end may be fully open.n
nThibaud de Maintenant, former head of global trading banking at De Bank, France, was appointed head of LiquidShare. Chairman of the Supervisory Board is Anthony Attia, a member of the Euronext Management Committee.n

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