European Commission Hosted Seminar on Chain Chain Industry Focus

nnnIn the last month, the European Commission announced the # Blockchain4EU project to study the potential applications of block chains and distributed classified books technology outside the financial services sector. This month, the committee hosted the first workshop on the project, gathering industry stakeholders to understand the current block-chain ecosystem overview in order to actively explore the link between the chain chain and the EU’s internal industry transformation.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nThe European Commission, which is responsible for the proposed legislation of the European Union, has successfully held the first workshop of the # Blockchain4EU project.n
n# The Blockchain4EU project was launched on June 13 to study the potential applications of block chains and distributed taxonomy outside the financial services sector. Specifically, the seminar was one of a series of activities that lasted until 2018 and sought to explore the use of block chains and its relationship with the EU’s internal transformation.n
nAccording to the European Commission, a total of 34 people participated in the seminar, are selected from a large number of stakeholders in order to be able to understand the current block chain ecosystem brief. Participants include technical experts, developers and scientists, social, economic and legal researchers, entrepreneurs and investors, business and labor representatives, and policy participants at local, national and EU levels.n
nAll in all, this is the latest sign that the European Commission is actively seeking ideas that can benefit from the block chain technology. In June, the Commission completed public consultation on financial technology and DLT, and in April provided funding for the block chain pilot project.n

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