Europe’s second largest port for chain-sector logistics pilot

nnnThe port of Antwerp, Belgium, has become the second largest port in Europe and is currently announcing a chain-chain pilot at the Joint Chain Chain Startup Company to streamline the container logistics business and reduce the cost of multi-party interaction. Some of the other recent news shows that many of the key players in the shipping industry, especially ports and shipping companies, are eager to take advantage of this emerging technology to improve the business.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nEurope’s second largest port is currently running a pilot chain project on logistics automation.n
nBelgium’s Antwerp port announces that it is exploring the use of block-chain technology to automate and streamline the port’s container logistics business. The test was conducted in conjunction with a block-chain start-up company called T-Mining.n
nThe port authorities said in a press release that the goal is to promote interaction between port customers to prevent data from being manipulated maliciously.n
nAccording to the port authorities, the transport of containers from one port to another often involves many aspects of participation, including transport companies, ports, freight forwarders, porter, drivers, shipping and so on. This process requires hundreds of interactions by mail, phone and fax. The authorities noted that,n
nn”Clerical work accounts for half of the cost of container transportation.”n
nnThe test is the latest project around shipping logistics, and the port is one of the most important ports in the world.n
nAccording to the World Shipping Council, in 2015, the port capacity of Antwerp ranked 14th in the world, the second largest port in Europe after the port of Rotterdam, and the port of Rotterdam chain.n
nEarlier this year, the media reported that Danish shipping giant Maersk completed its first block-chain test, which aims to simplify the shipping cost of its trillions of dollars worth of goods worldwide. This also shows that you want to apply the block chain to the shipping and more than these ports.n

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