Even in the mainstream, bitcoin is still in pursuit of freedom tools

Even in the mainstream, bitcoin is still in pursuit of freedom tools

Abstract: the economic and political realities will probably push bitcoin centralization and supervision, but decentralized power still exists, and is full of life.

Amsterdam – a year in the Internet time is immortal, but also for the naturally born of the Internet currency. 2014 bitcoin conference held recently on the rapid evolution of digital currency ecosystem is fully displayed.

As in the San Jose conference last year, more than 1000 bitcoin enthusiasts, developers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and lawyers attended the annual global bitcoin summit. But the atmosphere and this seems to be different participants. Walking in the hall of the dream home less, venture capitalists have changed much, the corridor conversation is more compliance and business model, rather than the encryption of anarchism. However, it is not surprising.

At a meeting last year, I noticed three information: when the fans gave way to the professionals, bitcoin begins to grow. Regulation is inevitable. Bitcoin is not only the means of payment. These trends continue unabated.

In the past year, the house and Senate on bitcoin held a number of hearings, the national bank regulators began to set the rules for the management of emerging digital currency bitcoin industry, promote the anonymous black silk road by federal authorities closed, Mt.Gox was once the largest bitcoin exchange, and the 2013 meeting of the marquee sponsors declaration of bankruptcy. At the same time, by venture capitalists into bitcoin startups is $more than 100 million under the prospect of establishing a “Visa” (visa). Just a year, bitcoin greater maturity and specialization, overcome a bad reputation (which is only suitable for the purchase of drugs), gained a bad reputation (wish you bitcoin, but don’t stolen) from politicians and regulators tentative awkward hug.

This is a symbol of the evolution of Circle, a new bit bitcoin bank announced in the meeting, the bitcoin looks more like traditional financial products, even by providing a comprehensive guarantee deposit way, make bitcoin payment to the mainstream. The chief executive of Jeremy Allaire (Jeremy Allaire?) to make people think that there is no regulation, bitcoin is not widely used for consumers, including the anonymity of the supervision, his remarks angered many liberals.

In some ways, bitcoin Internet itself and follow the same pattern. Write the “Declaration of independence” network space in the John Perry Barlow, we through a small Internet service provider to dozens of local Internet websites we visit is voluntary unpaid. This is an unregulated, seemingly not Supervision — no government space. However, today, we through Verizon or Comcast to access Facebook and Google, which are in some way by the national security agency assigned. Cold logic scale economy often leads to greater centralization, resulting in more regulation, it may also occur in the bitcoin body.

For example, Coinbase, one of the main bitcoin wallet, but also one of the main commercial payment processor. So, when have a Coinbase wallet for consumers to send money to a friend also have a Coinbase wallet, or pay a bit to receive through Coinbase currency payment merchant transactions occurred in the block chain, or bitcoin outside the network, with almost Paypal. If the mainstream accept bitcoin, we can see that most of the transactions do not occur only in a small amount of the main internal service provider. The broader network may only be used for settlement, for example between Circle and Coinbase.
Concentration of this growth is the curse of bitcoin supporters ideology. It can be regarded as the reconstruction we use today by the bank supervision system, although more effective than their original application. But when we see the bitcoin system to consolidate the dominant position in several companies, these companies are eager to cater to the regulators, we have no reason to despair. Unlike the traditional financial system, bitcoin is an open network, which means that anyone can be directly connected to it. 新手不需要权限才能与老手竞争,而且用自己的设备运行钱包的两者总是可以直接交易而无需预先限制。

An open network also means permissionless Innovation — a new way to build in bitcoin and bitcoin expansion ability. As I said last year, bitcoin is not only the payment, even if this is all the VCs and startups are areas of concern. This is why I think this meeting is the most exciting announced a new lighthouse, go to the center of the congregation to raise the application. This application basically do the same thing with Kickstarter. You declare a project and financing target, and to solicit supporters of commitment, and only you achieved the goal to get such a promise. Is different, because the lighthouse is to the center of management, no similar Kickstarter intermediary companies to manage funds. There are two main consequences. No company means free, such as Kickstarter will charge 5% of the funds raised. Perhaps more important, no intermediary means that no one tell you what you can and cannot use the money to do what. Last year, Indigogo canceled the Cody Wilson for the design of 3 D printing gun financing activities to raise public.

The former Google engineer and famous bitcoin developer Mike Hearn made an application to solve the real problem: the slow development of bitcoin advanced features of the problem. He said, we already know that the tip function of bitcoin, including to the center of all the chips, micro payment, end to end the credit market, intellectual property and so on. Although the protocol supports these functions, no one was established by using the support of applications and infrastructure to potential functions become a reality.

“Let these features really available need to work for a long time,” Hearn said, “because they are essentially based on facilities to the center of management, so it is usually difficult to be paid. Because there is no way to have once established infrastructure, many of the traditional financing mode can not run.” To write and distribute software are public goods, Hearn hopes to raise public incentive for developers to do this work. He is one of the most important aim he advocates. Hearn Vinumeris founded, if he can successfully raise funds through it, he will be the production and distribution of the next generation expansion of bitcoin. His first project? The lighthouse will not be completely released, unless it gets a raise.

So this information is, despite the economic and political realities may promote bitcoin center and strengthen supervision and management to the center of power still exists and is full of vitality, and to the opposite direction. Although the rebellious atmosphere may be weakened, but bitcoin revolution still pull the world toward freedom.

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