Everything has a cycle, the bitcoin bear market is

When bitcoin prices fell nearly 85% from the peak, it still bears did not show any sign of “hand”.

However, as time slowly close to the end of 2018, our heart seems to be the same kind of feeling: the germination of “bear market” may coming to an end. Although not immediately after the short exit into the bull market, but over time, the market may change is brewing.

Although the current bitcoin market is still in a bear market control, but the first “bear” is in the final stages, dying.

First, let’s look at the bitcoin “bear” what is the difference?

At present, bitcoin transaction price of about $3400, while other copycat currency decline has been more than 90% (some even reached 95%, almost zero), resulting in market capitalization has shrunk cryptocurrencies about $700 billion. Of course, this is not a bitcoin, or the first encryption money market slump situation, and Weiss Rating firm founder Dr. Martin Weiss is every witness of history, he said:

Since bitcoin transactions become active, it has experienced four major bear market, every time the price fell more than 70% or more, and every time people will write it to bitcoin, bitcoin will announce “death”. But every time, bitcoin is dead, if we compare the price of low and high, will find an average increase of up to 6300% bitcoins. Now again, bitcoin prices fell more than 70%, it is possible to create conditions in another price rise at the beginning of 2019.”

So, this time prices fell before and what’s the difference? Dr. Martin Weiss continued:

“The bitcoin prices have an important difference compared with the previous, it is not keep up with the development of distributed technology books as the monetary base encryption. Although bitcoin still plays an important role in encryption in the currency market, but now the main role is more like a similar to the value of gold commodity. Instead, some other transaction processing is faster and more scalable encryption currency will be in price appreciation and innovation trend.”

The bear has come to the end?

Mike Kamamori (Mike Kayamori) is the blockchain Financial Services Company Quoine responsible person, the company is currently focused on the Asia Pacific market (mainly Japan), bitcoin transaction and other encryption currency related services. Mike Kamamori believes that the encryption money market whether up or down, in fact some “exaggeration”, but if there is enough miners closed, this time, in fact, means that the balance of the upcoming.

The famous “Crypto Dog” encryption currency traders also share their views on Twitter, he believes that although the current bitcoin market is still in a bear market control, but the first “bear” is in the final stages, dying. In addition, he believes bitcoin prices are likely to be in the absolute low of $2000 to the absolute high of $6200 ($3000-5400 is more likely) maintain quite a long period of time. He said:

“There is no reason to expect bitcoin rapid rebound from the bottom, and into the bull market, it is simply a matter of time. In fact, now provides an incredible opportunity, because we have been standing on the starting point of the next wave of the bull market. Now is the time the cumulative market, do not rush to buy bitcoin, but if you will bitcoin as a long-term investment, so now is a good time to accumulate. I expect there will be some 2019 medium-term bullish momentum, and harvest in 2020 years.”

Everything is circular causality

Bitcoin and encrypted currency prices of ups and downs, this is inevitable.

For investors, crypto currency billionaire Jim Breye (Jim Breyer) said, this period every ten years or so will occur once, because although the investment market is controlled by the world a group of the best and the brightest, but they still can not stop the role of economic laws, all have the cycle.

Another worry about encryption without the money market big coffee industry is before the well-known Wall Street financial analyst Max Kaiser (Max Keizer), he believes that the long-term prospects bitcoin is still better, and also analyzes the relationship between common stock and encryption currency market:

“I think the bitcoin market is regarded as a kind of” risky “assets, that is to say, the current bitcoin and stocks are very similar. At some point, the market will take bitcoin as gold or currency as the “hedge” assets, the digital assets as a safe haven.”

Ahead, it will be a bright future and cattle *

Max Kaiser believes that only bitcoin have the ability to create a “in the past can not be achieved in the world, but in this process, some traditional things will be destroyed.

Mike Kamamori think the person in charge of the blockchain Financial Services Company Quoine encryption, the currency market will usher in a better 2019. In the case of Japan, local regulators have to re open the encrypted currency exchange application for registration, they will continue to ratify the new crypto currency exchange, all this in the beginning of the new year. Not only that, encryption money markets are also accepted some high-frequency traders, including Goldman Sachs, many Wall Street financial giants are preparing to provide service for the customer’s encryption.

Ripple, senior vice president of product management Asheesh Birla recently said, this is the third time he is now experiencing the encryption of money market collapse, and this “collapse” but can bring some attention to solve practical problems of the people from the market “cleaning out”, then we will see what “interesting” companies can go out in a recession.

So, let us see who is standing in the end.

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