Exchange with: to break out is to reform his own life.

Everyone in the OK.

Finally, in March 23rd, OK released OKEx platform OKB currency on-line 1st Anniversary ecological construction map published, further expansion. At the same time, OK announced the progress of public construction and more detailed plan chain.

As the industry leader, OK every act and every move all concern. The ecological map, released what signal?

 Exchange with: to break out is to reform his own life.

01 male chain block chain of real exchange

OK in the first anniversary of the construction of ecological map, is the OK of the public plan – “OKChain chain”.

Digital currency exchange center, because has not really been criticized and chain blocks. 4 the end of the month, the chain OK will deploy ERC20 in standard Ethernet workshop, then mapping in the main line. Means that OK went on the block trading platform chain track.

 Exchange with: to break out is to reform his own life.

Since not only the liquidity currency platform from the platform itself can be greatly increased, the ecological chain in the public exchange can own their own construction, ecological itself will promote the trading volume, trading volume is also very important for the exchange, the exchange of ecological construction into a virtuous cycle.

After a careful reading of the OKchain white paper, finance found that pomegranate:

  • The core of this “transaction” functions closely around the OKChain in the design, proposed has higher transaction capability and scalability of the scheme. In the design of the program, the chain is divided into five layers, namely: password layer, data layer, network layer, layer and layer, intelligent consensus contract incentive layer.

  • In the storage layer, the application of OKChain slice technology. Each of on-chip memory independent books. Through a specially designed block type and multiple chain block structure, OKChain can efficiently exchange information between slices, to achieve the ultimate consistency across slices of transactions, and transactions across piecewise decoupling transaction dependency, greatly enhance the system availability. By improving the efficiency, ensure the stability of the transaction.

  • In one of the most important consensus layer, innovation strength design OKChain verifiable random shuffle function (VRSF) were randomly divided in a miners decided to order by the BLS scheme to achieve rapid consensus in the sign in. The goal is to enhance the transaction processing ability of the whole network, and effective defense witch attacks, eclipse attacks, prevent malicious nodes and hackers on the system.

  • In order to prevent network congestion in the network layer, OKChain can according to the number of nodes in the network and load to adjust the number of fragments, to adapt to the different stages of the throughput requirements. Each OKChain chain network slices can be independently deployed intelligent contract, to write, publish and run support DApp. This is not only a symbol of speed, but also for OK greater ambitions, namely the OK chain release project, audit project, project the outpost.

In the layout of the future to the center in the chain is the only way which must be passed. OK 4 disclosure about on-line public square based on ERC20 Ethernet chain, which means that the OKB platform currency increased transparency and liquidity enhancement. Industry experts have said: “the OK of pomegranate financial understanding and rhythm control of public chain are very good”.

As early as in January 2019 the global public online interview CCID chain chain, global public project evaluation leader Dr. Pu Songtao said: the public exchange chain a broad mass foundation, how to use the experience of these public chain, actually very worthy of attention.

The 02 chain trading platform: time and again come out

In addition to the public outside the chain, everyone looks forward to nature is to the center of the OKDex project platform and block value chain project incubator Jumpstart two platform. The former can be said to be OKDex to make transactions more transparent, “leather center exchange life” is their own choice of phoenix.

The phoenix of OK is of great significance, through to the center, OK finally added the last piece of his short board. All the time, because OK only opened the particularity of futures trading in domestic exchange, there is a “critical” news always travels faster, investors will inevitably go behind the various guess in “shady”, adding the trimmings and spread all kinds of rumors.

And take the initiative on the chain of public exchanges to the center of the reform, which means that the OK in a more open attitude to the parties, but also for all the accused too centralized transaction control leads to the possibility of negative news a newlyemboldened response. To the center of the exchange and intelligent contract, OK is greatly improved the transparency of transactions, trust itself is the best boost, also an excellent way to eliminate the reverse psychology of investors.

Jumpstart platform, OK as the official location for the innovative sales platform, its propaganda aim is “to provide a token application rapid sale way” real block chain project quality and the early entrepreneurs, OKEX CEO Jay said: “in the micro-blog to find has been proven successful team and project”. This standard is not high.

 Exchange with: to break out is to reform his own life.

The high standard is to draw boundaries and others and follow the trend, to protect the reputation of the platform, more important is to support OK in this show not to abuse. According to the announcement, the project can be directly involved in the OK Jumpstart OKEX platform on-line coin trading, performers have the opportunity to on-line trading area and trading contract legal tender. And does not require the number and time line OK, while OK will actively communicate with the global block chain project, the selection of quality projects.

Because OKEx has the richly endowed by nature exchange business barriers: contract transaction, contract market belongs to the “winner”, the initial advantage will be gradually enlarged, the admission of new exchange often compete. So for the project, can turn into the contract section in OKEx after landing the “opportunity” is quite tempting – after all, currently can also provide contracts and new projects and fund-raising platform only this one.

It seems that in the professional investors in 2019, the OKB will become the new “value depressions”. That orange currency evaluation, because the digital currency market matures, derivatives market is bound to more than the spot market, this is the biggest opportunity for OKEx.

 Exchange with: to break out is to reform his own life.

Photograph: Orange currency evaluation

03OKB sword, to the world

Be bold and innovative digital asset derivatives market, OK has maintained a cautious and prudent attitude in the way of the globalization. In order to ensure the absolute advantage of their currency trading at the same time, at the same time in coin trading, spot trading, OTC, currency transactions and other transactions in the field continue rattling.

OK ecological chain is the public, bottom, go to OKDex and Innovation Center OK Jumpstart exchange platform is two fists. OKDex hospitality customers, at the same time the company governance transition gradually from the center of the community governance to the center; and the OK Jumpstart market, through the introduction of high-quality projects, attract more supporters and supporters of the project, because the investment returns and the market is further expanded, forming a virtuous circle.

In OK’s global strategy, OKB is the core of the OK platform currency ecosystem. As the only token, OKB is scarce in quite a long period of time. According to the design of OKChain, OKChain non inflation model generated by integral, is very beneficial for the first incoming.

The OKB will also get rid of the single “platform currency dividend” and “transaction fee waiver” set to become OKDex super node election voting tools, transaction fees, the project also need to pay a certain amount of OKB as a service fee. At the same time, OK announced OKB suocang plan, means that the market circulation of OKB will not increase. This means that OKB will usher in a broader demand

Globalization at the same time, OK did not forget to seek compliance, although small, but still decided by several big world financial policy. OK kept the market sharp and compliance of the balance between the policy risk is greatly reduced.

Once, to do a digital currency exchange, need only basic skills or reliable financial services, this is enough. Now, the development of this industry has entered a new stage in the subtle between the platform and the essential quality of another: to the center of the ecological dispute.

To go to the center of the layout, the first step is to build their own ecosystem, ecological firmly rooted in the OK OK exchange service contracts with an absolute advantage, oriented block chain innovation projects and to the center of the tide. The future, OK can achieve global ambitions? May have to wait until the time, we will have an answer.

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