Exclusive dialogue Trinity founder Li Yiling: the cornerstone of smart economy

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Mentioned Trinity, most people first thought may be this classic science-fiction film of the Matrix. The identity of the film and the contents of the video must have been familiar to everyone, no need to go into details. However, who can think of the film from the beginning of the film nearly 20 years later, the development of technology has really reached the advanced level conceived in the film.n
With AlphaGo defeating human pro Go players and defeating Go world champions, the idea of ​​artificial intelligence defeating humans has come out of the movie and into reality. In the tide of technological development, all imagination may become a reality, and the blockchain may not be far behind in life.n
Now we really see the Trinity in the film came to our side. Just as in the film’s support and help for Neo, the male leader, Trinity, a state-of-the-art channel-based expansion solution in the real blockchain industry, can bring about what Neo, the eco-economic bottom blockchain, brings Kind of help? Trinity in turn what kind of attitude into our lives and promote ecology? In this interview, Chainb.com’s exclusive dialogue with Trinity founder David Li reveals the mystery of Trinity for industry readers.n

Trinity founder: Li Yiling (David)n
Blockchain Pencil: Knowing that you have been responsible for 16 years of Neo’s global coin sales and its follow-up community building, business cooperation, and ecological construction, and have also made good progress, Neo is now well developed, And can be said to be a situation in full swing, then what is the reason you leave Neo, out of business it?n
nDavid: I’m proud to say that we really laid the foundation for the neo takeoff, but neo later, especially since last summer, is not my credit. The experience of meriting after I left the ants is the basis for doing trinity now. Trinity now doing is a perfect result for me and my team. But as early as the small ants are still thinking about the smart contract system, we have already had the idea of ​​making the status channel network in the small ants during the inter-team communication. Even before that, some of the designs conceived by Zhengwen alone, such as superconducting transactions (see earlier github documents), had the rudiment of a two-tier network.n
nBlockchain Pencil: What kind of relationship is there now with Neo? Congestion is a serious problem facing almost all of the underlying blockchain, so how is the Neo network now jammed? Neo now what is the chain of capacity expansion solution?n
Trinity chose state-channel technology as the backbone of the chain of expansion solutions, in addition, vitalik also proposed the solution of shards, others also proposed a lot of other chain solutions, the reason for the choice of state channel what is it then?n
nDavid: I will answer the second and third questions together. The trinity foundation has nothing to do with neo officials nor does it take the opportunity to reiterate that any individual or neo that does not exist neo as a whole “platform” for us, but trinity is technically an important infrastructure that supports neo’s smart economic ecology. Neo is currently free of congestion and has the highest throughput on the main net that has already run the public chain. But that does not mean he does not need to scale up. We know that users are reluctant to sacrifice performance in exchange for the benefits of decentralization. In particular, most users of this generation are mostly superstitious and authoritarian, and can not endorse the decentralized value, so provide better The performance is particularly important. As far as I know neo also has its own chain of expansion programs, the technical direction may also be fragmented, specific questions to ask Zheng language. But dapp complex business logic must also require such a chain of state channel expansion plan. Walking on two legs, we are responsible for one of the legs.n
nBlockchain Pencil: Bitcoin has a lightning network, Ethereum is a lightning network, then it should be Trinity for Neo, then what is the difference between the three?n
nDavid: Relatively speaking, it is a bit different from ln (Lightning Network), because bitcoin networks do not currently have to carry dapps, but only transactions in basic units of account (bitcoin). And raiden (lightning network) is more similar, but the specific technology to achieve, neo and Ethereum is very different, to know when ants start, there are no rivers and lakes Ethereum legend. Therefore, readers should understand that as the network of channels rooted in the main chain, the difference mainly comes from the main chain itself. Of course, specific to the road map, we will have different priorities for development, but ultimately the same thing.n
nBlockchain Pencil: Who is Trinity coming up with this name? Trinity in hacker empire is equivalent to open a savior is a man’s ability to a role? So is Trinity Neo?n
nDavid: Of course it is me, not from the heart of a girl, nor any religious meaning. Trinity is the protagonist neo’s girlfriend in the movie, the fact is so, trinity neo complement each other, is the cornerstone of smart economy. In addition, we urge everyone not to form a team name according to the movie role named for your neo dapp, which may bring copyright issues.n
nBlockchain Pencil: What is the current level of Trinity development? Progress to what stage? Will there be a client?n
nDavid: Actually, we have basically implemented neo-based one-to-one status channel transfer. Recently busy tokensale contract, did not have time to update github, no wonder. At the end of the neo devcon in San Francisco at the end of the month, we’ll demonstrate statewide channel transfers, and of course we’ll soon begin public testing after the Spring Festival. Yes, this may be the biggest difference between us and raiden, and we’ll have real companies developing mobile clients that will allow us to actually use stateful channel transfers (at least for basic asset trades) as soon as possible, and if the March-May open beta Smooth, this time (user app launch) is in June of this year.n
nBlockchain Pencil: If in the future can we find an on-link solution that perfectly solves the problem of expansion of the blockchain, what is the impact on this chain-like solution of the status channel?n
nDavid: If a purely on-link dilatation solution can be efficient enough to make the existence of an offline solution dispensable, it would be tantamount to saying “if humans can invent a perpetual motion machine,” do not think I was mocking, I think this is Big day good deeds, like a few centuries ago, people excitedly and hesitantly watched the steam locomotive in the roaring railroad tracks, how could imagine the Mercedes-Benz today on the unmanned high-speed rail? However, before that, let’s strive for early use of “railroad tracks”.n
nBlockchain Pencil: Know that most of your projects, like the basement and Trinity, are built around Neo’s ecology? The future will continue to focus on Neo project?n
nDavid: As trinity Foundation, yes, I will not go out saying that we will blockchain-agnostic (that is, we can support multiple blockchain, not for a specific chain development) and then go to each community. To eat neo, improve neo, develop good neo, this is our foundation. However, as a base stone, we will not neglect our position. We are very optimistic about other underlying blockchain projects such as aelf and ontology. We also support the development of qtum (quantum chain). As a for-profit company, the barrier should not have a preference , Maximizing profits is the yardstick for everything. However, the rewards of deepening neo ecology now seem to be more prominent.n
nBlockchain Pencil: Trinity What is the current partner for this project? Can a brief introduction about team members?n
nDavid: pencil count? I am a joke. I think we have forgotten so recently. As an open source community project, can you as easily as a profitable company to cooperate with other companies? Is your community agree? Is your decision-making mechanism decentralized? But at the same time, as an open source community project, you should “collaborate” with anyone and hope everyone chews here differently. I can be very responsibly clear, trinity now does not have any “partners”, the agreement has not been tested, the client has not released, what is our cooperation?n
The trinity team is currently 20 people, is the standard blockchain team configuration, about 7 people responsible for business, marketing, community management, while the other 13 people responsible for technology development. Slightly different is that there are 8 people who directly design the core code of the blockchain development. For the specific introduction, we can refer to bio on our official website. They will often participate in community activities and share knowledge and opinions afterwards.n
nBlockchain Pencil: Can you elaborate on the significance of expansion to the future development of blockchain technology?n
nDavid: It takes roughly 432 bitcoin blocks to elaborate on this issue. But aside from future-oriented questions, let alone say that the nightmare of bitcoin expansion is still haunting, especially as the number of underlying-chain communities soars and transaction volumes have soared. If slow, the bottom chains may not be deadly competitors, but suffocate themselves in their vast communities.n
nBlockchain Pencil: Blockchain industry in 2017 can be said to have undergone enormous changes, the old technology giant, the central bank are concerned about the development of this technology, from the early lack of interest to the present boom, as the blockchain Early participants in the industry, can you talk about the psychological changes?n
nDavid: I want to use three words to describe,n
First, to be down-to-earth, meaning not to be floundering because of the bull market, not to mention because of their own history or into the circle before the business winds and waves, our three months in this industry is a reincarnation, we must respect encryption The economic rules that have been formed for the past 9 years should be pragmatic to meet the basic needs of the community and complete the basic operation as an open source project.n
The second is to look up to the sky, that is, to come up with technical dry goods, and must be forward-looking and pioneering, token private key in your hands in your heart, but why should open source code? Because it is this decentralized knowledge accumulation process that has given the blockchain industry a fast-moving impetus. Do not do the Handicap party, to make contributions, Tower Tabe do so before they can be built.n
Third, we must not forget the beginning, do not forget all the source, bitcoin, is born, what is born for what. Participants in the blockchain industry, even the so-called “chives,” have different styles of painting, at least with basic critical thinking. You may wish to judge, copy the concept of a coin is the blockchain yet?n
nBlockchain Pencil: What are the expectations for the future of the blockchain industry? How does Trinity effectively promote the industry?n
nDavid: Of course, a small sum of money for a villa, laughing. Big promise, as I said at the end of inwecrypto’s ninth anniversary video, “Bitcoin, the blockchain – or the” cryptocurrency economy, “is essentially about growing with the internet The new generation has become more aware of the obsolescence and backwardness of the existing economic system and has tried to reform it.n
The economic landscape of the future society is their common childhood fantasy, and now they will make this picture from a vague outline to a clear reality. “n
nntrinity to promote the development of the industry – the hat too heavy We can not afford to become a neo smart economic infrastructure to neo users faster and more secure trading experience, enabling more blockchain applications, that is our direction.n
nAs David said, it is a bit impractical for any industry to talk about how to promote the development of the whole industry right now. Of course, it is a good thing to look forward to the long term. However, only with a down-to-earth attitude can we truly focus on the current development Touch the future we want to reach. As an industry participant, we should not blindly wear all the items, and really take the critical thinking to treat the project is to promote the healthy development of the project and the industry the right way. Let us assume their respective roles, urging the development of various projects and industries. At least in the author’s opinion, David said quite sincere.n
Trinity Chinese Community: https://t.me/TrinityChineseCommunityn
Trinity English Community: https://t.me/TrinityStateChannelsn
Twitter: @trinityprotocoln

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