| exclusive digital currency trading platform “1Token” complete polymerization from matrix, etc. line of tens of millions of dollars of financing

Block chain application in the future is undecided, but digital currency will become the asset allocation which has become the consensus.

In other words, the blockchain no users, but investors.

The breakthrough of digital monetary and financial market, to depict the user portrait. From a professional degree to their division of spectrum, both ends of retail and large professional institutions. The retail market with ordinary APP, professional bodies occupation manual / quantitative traders and even their own development system and strategy. In between, there is a gap in the market. 1Token is for this group of people, the founder of Xu Zhimin called them “professional traders, including some retail trading cognition (hereinafter referred to as” cattle “), composed of small traders, the number of trade team, small and medium sized private equity funds etc..

This group of people in the market? Xu Zhimin answered: “this figure may only have the most accurate figures, but we asked the securities business department general manager, two market entrepreneurs, regardless of asset holdings account, I believe they are the backbone of the market volume. The trading volume of these people could reach the sum of traditional stocks, futures and other two market 60-70%.”

These traders are often full or half full time traders, willing to study the transaction took on a trading strategy in all the different thinking, different trading accounts, earnings are generally higher than retail. They asked for the transaction management tools are higher, but their development costs apparently does not pay. 1Token is the product of digital currency to this group of “currency circle of professional traders with aggregate trading platform, including the self-development of IT infrastructure and financial services before, during and after the transaction.

The role of 1Token is a bit like the traditional secondary market in Broker (brokers), in the role of Chinese mainly by brokers as. The 1Token will position itself as a digital currency brokerage and Futures Company, similar to the U.S. “interactive brokers” role.

Although the market is not the head of similar products, but the currency trading circle group has now, the exchange also provides API interface. The stock of the user, 1Token believes that most coins ring cattle scattered only received OK and fire currency manipulation tools and financial services, there is still room for improvement; incremental, traditional two level market only 1% coins into the circle, more space in the traditional market users into the circle of professional traders, this part of money. The original electronic transaction system of service providers because of multi constraints failed to timely layout, start-up companies can aim at this opportunity. Xu Zhimin believes 1Token products for users attractive include the following:

  • Unified account : cross exchange unified account, open up global exchanges, to achieve a cross account transactions, access to gold. We support about 50 of trading by the interface.

  • Cheap rates : in 1Token unified account, fair exchange ratio lower discount fees.

  • The whole transaction cycle : before the transaction data service and analysis tools; in all kinds of trading strategies and types of the scale of software requirements and financial services; trading profit and loss analysis / replay system.

  • Override manual / quantization : to meet all kinds of manual frequency, arbitrage, trend of software requirements, and quantitative trading strategy, unified API monitoring and alarm / market demand;

  • Fine grained data service platform provides: rely on the market value of the history of Tick/ before the currency transaction level data, help quantitative trading team development strategy.

  • Professional financial services : closer to the demand such as the cross exchange traders leverage financing currency, and all kinds of manual / quantization strategy of customized wind control mode.

According to the data provided by the 1Token platform, there are more than 1000 professional traders in August, on the 300-500 platform turnover in October reached 50 million yuan, in November, the average daily volume of 300 million yuan, the highest exceeded 1 billion.

The 1Token team of about 35 people. The core of the founding team began the relevant business contact digital currency investment from 2014, and have rich experience in the market of the two. Founder Xu Zhimin served in the United States financial technology company Scivantage China served as district leader, started the business in 2014 two in the traditional market and digital currency quantization fields after returning to China, including for the Shanghai stock exchange option trading software “option,” the Internet “cloud” platform with capital, Internet micro private trader “special investment network platform” and other products. CTO and co-founder of Tang Youze is a full stack engineer, rich in various types of front office trading system, risk control system design and development experience. Dong CRO and co-founder of which has abundant experience in financial products and risk control of Internet products

The team completed the tens of millions of RMB financing in the capital this year, including the latitude, Zhao Jiajin (Async Capital partner, an equity investor money), investment (financial pillar areas of science and technology investment company, the founder of early investment million in the information, including the investor information, 000 Hundsun before CEO, Yimeng software etc.).


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